Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Help Pakistan

I am really ashamed of myself of speaking about this matter now, Pakistan is devastated and millions of its people are threatened by death not from floods but from hunger and disease.
It is shame that the Muslim world does not move except very lately to this human tragedy , our Egyptian media does not react to the issue as it should as if everything was solved when Mubarak sent an aid from food stuff when the least thing we can do to a country that helped us in time of war is to send a fully equipped hospital from the army.

As a Muslim we should help our brothers and sisters in Pakistan especially we are in Ramadan, you can donate part of Ramadan Zakat to Pakistan.
Pakistan floods

As a human, we should help our brothers and sisters in humanity because no human should suffer like this and his brother watches faraway.
Anyhow here are links to spread as well to help Pakistan:
  • You can donate to Pakistan from Egypt through the following bank account:
Nova Scotia bank, Giza "near University bridge"
account no. : 39213000982 / Load relief account
The bank telephone no.: 37479883 "Via Mo'mon Elfadly"
Americans can simply donate $10 to Pakistan flood relief by texting "SWAT" to 50555.

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