Egyptian Chronicles: The Language of Numbers : Fancy Suits Thieves

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

The Language of Numbers : Fancy Suits Thieves

I found these numbers in a FB group following MB about the Parliamentary elections in 2010, these numbers are about the businessmen who stole money from our public banks as loans and fled the country.

  • 96 famous businessmen stole LE 45.1 billion from Egyptian banks as loans without guarantees.
  • 28 clients have stolen LE 22 billion from NBE
  • 20 clients have stolen LE 17.9 billion from Banque Misr
  • 29 clients have stolen LE 15.9 billion from Banque De Caire
  • 25 clients have stolen more than LE 10 billion from Bank of Alexandria before its privatization.

Most if not all these businessmen had connections in the NDP and the regime that enabled them to take all that money so easily without any guarantee what so ever.

These were cases that were discovered , there are still businessmen who use their connections in the regime and in the NDP to get loans without any guarantee.

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