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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

What Kind FM is He ?? What Does He Represent !??

The Israeli cabinet issue a statement that the Lieberman’s speech at UN general assembly does not represent the Official Israeli’s position from the Peace process.
It is the norm , in fact the FM should represent the views of his country and his cabinet internationally regardless of what ideology he believes in and what party he presents inside his country and thus I believe the status of Lieberman is unique, too damn unique.
Lieberman at the UN (Reuters)
Already if you read his speech , you will know that he has nothing to do with the current talks in the Palestinian authority , he has his own vision , he has own peace plan that I do not know how or when he will implement !!?? Of course he is no hurry as he believes the Palestinians can wait for more couple of decades  and couple of generations “Since 1948 they have been waiting for God Sake” !!?? In fact what is that “exchange of populated territory “ ?? What land he wants to exchange when he should return the land he took in 1967 like resolution 242 stated !!?? Plus what is this  People died “ from conflicts involving Muslims or conflicts between Arab states“  than conflicts with Israel !!?? Man he surely respects his Muslim and Arab states !!!
Seriously what does this man exactly do in the ministry of foreign affairs in Israel !!?? In fact what brings him to the diplomatic word !!?
Mr. Lieberman wished that Mubarak may go to hell and he has not apologized yet to Cairo , he had also threatened to hit the Aswan high dam and this is just the tip of the ice berg.
Ahmadinejad , you have got competition from Israel my dear and he is called Lieberman.
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  1. Lieberman is a thug.

    He is also the Deputy Prime Minister, so I think his words do carry a lot of weight in Israel's proportionally representative system.

    The Deputy Prime Minister of the UK Nick Clegg gave the UK's speech at the General Assembly - and it only reflected his party's vision of world affairs and not of the Conservatives.
    That being the case, Mr Clegg is not the Foreign Minister so the international stage might be a new arena for him.

    Lieberman on the other hand has a finger in both the domestic and international pies.

  2. What do you expect from a former night club bouncer turned politician?
    The Canadian

  3. Does he also have bad breath?


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