Egyptian Chronicles: The New 5 Pounds !!

Friday, September 24, 2010

The New 5 Pounds !!

As if people are so happy with the one pound coin !!
Ladies and gentlemen , meet the new 5 Egyptian pound Coin !!

5 Egyptian pounds
I found this photo circulating in Facebook and in twitter.
 Update#1 : 
Thanks to dear co-bloggers and co-tweeps  we found out that these are memorial coins issued to mark specific events , this 5 LE coin marks some event in Sinai , about national reserve there I suppose. 
So we do not need to worry , these are limited edition coins folks. 
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  1. keda too much :(
    aslan i hate the coins
    and now that means that the 5 pounds is worthless
    er7amna ya rab


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