Saturday, September 4, 2010

Ramadan’s Arabian Nights : Ma’aruf The Cobbler {23}

Here we are in the 23rd night of our old and beautiful Arabian nights where we know the final destiny of Ma’aruf , today is the final and sixth chapter of his tale and his adventure in the kingdom of Kheytan

You can check the first five parts of the tale at the related post section in the post page. You can also read the full tale of Ma’aruf the cobbler here in English.

Now I have got a little surprise for you right after the break

You know now that Ma’aruf the cobbler was presented in cinema , TV and theatre do you know that it was presented as operettas. Yes operettas not a single operettas but two operettas presented by legends in the world of Arabic Music.

The first Ma’aruf the cobbler operetta was presented by the legendry Dawood Hosni , the godfather of Arabic operettas ; Ma’aruf was from his early operettas and it is very rare to find still I was lucky enough to find this part from it which you can listen it below.

The second Ma’aruf the cobbler operetta was presented in the Egyptian radio and who was Ma’aruf in the operetta ?? Legendary Abdel Halim Hafiz was Ma’aruf and the princess was the wonderful Horeya Hassan. This was from the early works of Halim in the Egyptian radio. It is very beautiful operetta you should listen and enjoy it.

It is sad that our singers are not interested in similar operettas ,wait a sec … it is a bless in fact !!

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