Sunday, October 31, 2010

AUC Strike Follow Up : And The professors Joined The Students And the Workers too

The AUC workers strike has moved in to another level especially today the professors have joined the students and workers in their strike to get back the workers rights.
There is currently a meeting between the administration and a delegation of the workers who are hoping to get something by the end of the day.
Again follow Salma , Ahmed and Jihan in their twitter updated follow up from the new AUC campus.
Here are couple of photos from Salma at the time being.
Students who are of the supporters for the #AUCworkersHuge no. of ppl today at the #AUCworkers strike
Banners at the #AUCworkers strike
Students listening to short talks at the #AUCworkers strike
There are more photos Salma currently uploading at here flickr’s account.
Here are videos from MFlakah’s YouTube channel :
Strike Day No.4
AUC workers strike Day no.4
Yes this is the guy from Hend Sabri’s sitcom , hopefully he meant what he says and he is not doing this for fame.
Marie-France Lakah aka Minouz 89 uploaded clips from the campus too in her YouTube Channel
Updates :
After all these hours the workers came out of the meeting with the administration and all what they have got a LE 200 increase in their salary and one Saturday per month as a holiday , that's it. People are angry and dissatisfied whether workers or students.

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