Monday, October 25, 2010

National TV Refuses To Air Wafd Party Elections Campaign Ads

The Egyptian national TV , the state owned TV which represents the people and originally funded by their taxes has refused to air the Wafd party elections campaign ads !!
The Wafd party has launched a LE 14 million advertising campaign for the parliamentary elections. The party is working on Egyptian TV and Radio channels besides newspaper ads in a campaign “ Our country, the time has come”.
Only the Egyptian national TV and El Mehwar Channel have refused to air the ads of the party , of El Mehwar channel is owned by a proud NDPian who covers the NDPC every year so it is logic that it would refuse the Wafd campaign but it is not logic that the National TV refuses to air it !!??
If this is the parliamentary election , what we are going to do in the Presidential elections !!??
I know many people are angry from the Wafd party because of Dostor and will be happy for this but I urge them to think twice and look to the bigger picture. As much as I am angry and disgusted from the due of El-Badawy and Edward and what they had done in Dostor newspaper yet I feel sorry for Wafd party because I know that the regime wanted to hit it along with Dostor.
Update : 
Osama El-Sheikh, the chairman of the ERTU denied the news that the Egyptian national TV refused to air the ads , insisting that the TV is obliged to air all paid ads and that the Egyptian National TV will air the ads after receiving the approval of the high committee of elections.


  1. There is no bigger picture Z. Ads or no ads, it's all theatrical and nothing will make a difference as long as shithead and his cronies are in power.

    Egyptian elections is a treatment for a symptom whilst ignoring the disease. The patient feels better temporarily but is never cured.

  2. 'Egyptian elections is a treatment for a symptom whilst ignoring the disease. The patient feels better temporarily but is never cured.'

    Look what we here a 'radical medic' do us a favor and stick to pulling out tonsils! Calling our greatest leader a shithead makes you more of a clown than you already are!

  3. That was an analogy, I'm not actually in the medical profession.

    "..our greatest leader"
    Yeah, I'm the clown here.. thanks for making me laugh me socks off though :D

    Here's something special just for you :)

  4. @Sayed Kotb: speak for your self only, your leader, not ours, and greatest :D I take it you are referring to his big belly

  5. Well I can never get a fair shake here as this blog is left on lenin! I only weigh in when i must, as everyone here is brainwashed to hate Mubarak!

    Im not cool enough to protest or hate him sue me!

  6. @Sayed: yes Im sure we are the ones who are brainwashed. This is not a love relationship, so drop the love/hate way of thinking. Point is as a politician and states man he gets evaluated on what he has done to the country and the ppl and besides being a plane in the 1973, as one of his supporters expressed before :D he really doesnt have much to show. No one is against you for supporting him what we reply to you is your distorted line of thinking and your shallowness. Hope your summer house is well protected. Oh, one last thing, drop the leftist, communists ect garbage, its so old, stick to replying to thoughts and ideas instead of these weak arguments of yours.

  7. Dear Anony,

    Unless you come out of your dark cave with you oft-patronizing, acerbic and most of all uninformed commentary---you are not worth my time!

    and do me a favor stop using the royal 'WE' YA HASHARA!


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