Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Too Late To Save Anything

And so Amr Adeeb is going to return back on air in November but not on OSN’s Al Youm but on Al Hayat TV network , yes Al Hayat TV network which is owned by Sayid Badawy according to Youm 7 despite close sources to Amr Adeeb denied so according e-Dostor portal.
The whole Cairo today crew has moved to Al Hayat TV preparing the new TV show “ The big house.. Egypt” { This is the most tacky name I have heard for a talk show , honestly !!}
This decision is taken to save El-Badawy from the consequence of what he has done in Al Dostor , what is better than returning back Amr Adeeb on air ??

I believe what El-Badawy has done can’t managed or fixed so easily , it is more than a PR crisis for God sake , it is a political assassination or to be correct the political suicide he participated in ; there is no doubt he made some sort of deal for some political gain whether for himself or for his party but the consequences are catastrophic  and it is just bringing down the temple , he is the real loser in all this saga.
I am still convinced that Adeeb is part of the regime and is not that warrior like many are portraying.
Regarding Adeeb and why he is off air now , well Al Araby Al Nasseri believes that he is being taught a lesson for what he said in that last episode he had presented in Ramadan , so it seems that what I heard from my sources is not all wrong ; the man is being taught not to mock or hit on Gamal Mubarak from near or far even unintentionally !!
Anyhow I have seen the last episode of Amr Adeeb at last thanks to my dear friends , there is no doubt that Amr Adeeb crossed lots of red lines in that episode about Gamal Mubarak but let’s agree he would not cross these lines if he did not have the permission.
Amr Adeeb speaks about elections and Gamal Mubarak
Amr Adeeb speaks about elections.
Some people think that the episode I posted part of it below was the real reason why the show was stopped , I do not know when it was but Adeeb was criticizing the official media's coverage for Gamal Mubarak's visit to the poor villages in the country.
Stop kissing Gamal Mubarak’s ass
I do not see reason why this TV show was banned , already what he has said is more like “Gamal Mubarak will come and will rule you assholes and you will not be able to do anything losers !!!” and it seems that way did not like the regime because it provokes the people , it does not depress them.

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