Monday, November 29, 2010

ElBaradei Among The Top Thinkers of the World

ElBaradei earlier this month in Hiroshima , Japan
Ok this is a very cheerful news to us in the midst of the elections from one side and the Wikileaks’ Cablegate scandal from another side ; Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei has been chosen by Foreign Policy magazine as one of the Top thinkers of the world for year 2010.
Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei who is being identified as a democracy activist in Egypt is  chosen as the 2010 top thinker of the world No.20. He was chosen as a top thinker as he has proven that there are second acts in public life. Dr. ElBaradei chose a more difficult second act in the public life by standing against the Mubarak regime in Egypt and fighting a 58 years old legacy in his homeland.
Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei is currently in Brazil and it is expected to return back to Egypt next week if I am not mistaken. I believe the Egyptian opposition owes him an apology for participating in the elections especially the Muslim brotherhood and Hamdeen Sabhi.
It will fall sooner rather than later.
The FP ends ElBaradei’s profile with his quote about the Mubarak regime.


  1. With respect to the man, and without prejudice to any other political goings-on in Egypt:
    Exactly why, or how was he included on his list?
    Where's the evidence of his great thinking?
    This is a highly subjective list made by a small minority of would be 'know it alls' who have deeply entrenched agendas.

  2. El Baradei is a great man, a patriot and a revolutionary, he is the icon of the Egyptian revolution, the father of it...GOD bless you !


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