Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Is Obama Muslim Saudi !!? Are There sane People in This World !!??

I can’t believe that there are growing percentage of Americans that believe Obama is a Muslim in disguise , seriously how do these people think ??

Already I do not see how that so-called Muslim in disguise Obama benefit the Muslims in anyway since stepping in to the White House !! Do not they see all those Muslim who were and are killed in Iraq,Afghanistan and Pakistan because of his orders !!

There is an Egyptian proverb that says “ If the speaker is insane , the listener  is sane” and I  do not know where the sane people are anymore.

Salon tackles this matter with interesting info about an Israeli couple who turned to be behind one of the most viral YouTube videos regarding the so-called secret Muslim identity of Obama.

Breaking News-Is Barack Obama really a Saudi/Muslim plant in the White House ?

I do not understand why that Israeli couple is interested in Obama’s religion or beliefs , this is an American matter last time I checked not an Israeli matter !!

I am Egyptian and I follow the media , I do not know remember that Abu El-Gait said anything in the media about the religion of Obama near or far not to mention a TV show in Nile TV speaking about this matter , Do not you think that many people in Egypt and in the Muslim world would ignore such TV show and for God sake people are still protesting to get back Camilla and her sisters !!

Saudi Arabia is not the mastermind of the Muslim world like it is portrayed in the American right wing media , the Saudi regime is well known to be the oldest alley to the United States in the region since early 1950s. Theologically the Saudi Royal family is not holy one in the Muslim world , we do not bow to them , some people bow to their king in respect to his status and age just like Obama.

Now about keeping our Islamic identity in secret which is mentioned in the Holy Quran , well those Israeli couple should understand that this command was revealed when Muslims in Mecca were gravely tortured and killed , thus the command comes as follows : If there is a danger on your life , you can pretend that you are not Muslim as faith is in heart and God knows what is really inside everybody.

This command was associated with certain event , a certain issue and .. I feel so silly to defend both my religion and Obama because bunch racist crazy right wing fanatics.

Obama is not a Muslim .. He IS NOT A MUSLIM. Pick another reason to fight him other than his religion


  1. americans are not the only ones who are brain dead


  2. honestly , i belive the majority of the american people just want to freak out from something to justify the things they are doing ,

    i see many says that the "muslims" own the american media and they are preparing to take over the US , we all know who is controlling america ,

    we know who is really controlling the white house, even if Obama is muslim , how is telling him what to do ?

    someone like Emanuel Rahm , who is vomiting israel and the AIPAC orders in obamas ears as my american friend used to tell me.

  3. Obama is as Muslim as Benjamin D'Israeli was Jewish!

    Who the hell cares!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! One got the canal for his queen (yes zeinab he was the one lol.) And hopefully obama will fix our economy (I won't hold my breath!)

    But as far as both of their religions go NO ONE OF NOTE Gave/Gives A DAMN! D'Israeli was one of britain's greatest PMs and Obama well, we'll wait and see!

  4. I will repeat what Collin Powell said about that:

    What if he is? What is wrong with that?

    What is wrong with an American Muslim boy (in this case my own son called Hussein) wants to be an American president when he grow?

    I did not immigrate to the USA from Egypt so that my children get discriminated against. Shame on any American who thinks that my boy can not dream to be the American president one day.

  5. @z
    You obviously know that 'common sense is not common', so why are you sweating it up?
    If the world was made up of geniuses, the earth would be a very dull place to live.
    The Canadian.


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