Sunday, November 14, 2010

Learn From Google Egypt , Vodafone Egypt !!

Vodafone Egypt  has aired its a new ad for its new internet bundle whatever it is using both humor and celebrity in an attempt to compete with Mobinil “oldest one to use both humor and celebrity” and Etisalat Egypt “celebrity from A size of Mohamed Moneer”.
Now that supposedly "funny'” is making fun about the failed attempt of Abbas Ibn Firnas to fly !! The ad is making fun from a scientist who got a great contributions in the history of science instead of reminding the public with him and his other great achievements !!
Watch it after the break
Unlimited Browsing–Abbas
I am really sad that the trio of “Samir, Shahir and Bahir” starred that stupid ad but I bet that their first ad on TV and the money tat got from starring that campaign “for sure it is a campaign not a single ad” is enough to make them uncurious to read more about who was that they are making fun from.
Unfortunately they must know that history will not remember them nor the makers of the ads like that crazy lunatic Abbas
Now I think Vodafone Egypt owes us an apology to the educated who knew that that man was truly a scientist and the uneducated viewers who need to know who that man was. The twitterville in Egypt is very angry and you can express your anger to Vodafone Egypt directly through their official twitter account
Vodafone Egypt should learn from Google Egypt , seriously they should learn from them the respect of our culture and our icons. Today Google Egypt celebrated the 121 anniversary of Taha Hussein , Dean of Arabic Literature.
Taha Hussein Google Doodle

Last month Google Egypt celebrated Ahmed Shawky , the prince of poets and before him Agatha and Thuma.
Back to the Vodafone Egypt’s ad , well if it promotes anything , it promotes the unlimited ignorance and vulgarity of its makers.


  1. Great post..
    for more amazing facts about the huge achievements that Abbas Ibn Fernas has done in many branches of science check this video out

  2. Jazakum Allahu Khayran, this is just right, making fun isn't appropriate in everything!, and it shouldn't be published the way they did, too sad from what's happen, hopefuly they can stop/replace it shortly ISA .
    Thanks Again.

  3. I have a PhD in Aerospace Engineering and this ad makes me feel as if someone stabbed me in my back. This ad showed me how ignorant and self defeating we had became in Egypt.

  4. I have to mention I am totally amazed at the violent response this ad created .It is not funny,Idid not laugh ,but I did not catch a single insult to Ibn Firnas.....!!!!I do not know if you attended this discussion yesterday on twitter or not but actually many people share your point of view,and as many share mine.The ad was subject to a long discussion between both opinions.About myself,I see comics based on Da Vinci .Einstein, and others.Things are much simler than we deal with .I have to mention that the majority , if not all who attacked the ad yesterday on twitter none of them remembered Samira Moussa 's anniversary..and I believe this is the point : our great celebrities and heroes are not sufficiently acknowledged even by ourselves in addtion to the offensive Arab image in foreign media , and hence we are over-senstive in dealing with things IMHO .

    By the way as I told them on twitter yesterday Ibn Firnas's famous attempt to fly had been inspired by Greek mythology .

    Happy Eid dear .Kol sana wenti tayeba :)




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