Thursday, December 30, 2010

It is Biased Biased World

I do not understand how the western media is ignoring completely what is happening in Tunisia from a growing uprising , seriously I do not understand it except it is bias , yes bias.

I do not understand how the mainstream media and social media dedicated itself to support and help the Iranian opposition after the last presidential elections in false hope to down the regime while it is ignoring the uprising of the Tunisian people that really have suffered for a long time in a way you can’t imagine it.

Do not get me wrong I support the legal Iranian reformist opposition demands and because of this I support what is happening in Tunisia ,in fact I am even more bias to Tunisia not only because it is an Arab country that suffers from similar disease Egypt and other Arab countries suffer from but because Tunisia seemed to be forgotten by the modern democratic West that loves to remind us with democracy and the wonders of change day and night.

May be the West believes that this uprising will not reach to anything thanks to the strong fist of the Ben Ali but here we are for the second week and the uprising is increasing thank God and Ben Ali according to all sources including the mighty Wikileaks is near from his end !!? Is not Ben Ali a classical Arab African dictator the West and its media despise !!??

Where are the human rights organizations ?? Will HBO produce a special documentary on that student that was shot down by the security forces in Sidi Bou Zid last week or those young men who are killing themselves from poverty just like the one it produced about poor Nada whom is being exploited for dirty international geopolitics !!? I highly doubt it.

Tunisians I got an idea for you , try to steal some oil from Libya or Algeria and claim that you find a huge oil reserve in Sidi Bou Zid , may be the democratic first world will pay attention to your uprising and Sarah Palin will call Obama a loser for not downing that anti-American regime in Tunis !!

Even better spread a rumor that Ben Ali got a secret Nuke program in cooperation with Iran at one his palaces and that he will attack the forests of Carmel as soon as he gets some rockets from N.Korea, you will find the whole twitterville avatars with red layer !!!

We know it is biased world and history taught us over and over that the West moves only for its interest and the quest to our independence and freedom depend on our own strength , we know that but we just had enough from fake empty words.

From my heart a big salute to Tunisia the green , children of Aboul Qacem Echebbi  send his message to your tyranny and know that if the people want to live free , destiny will respond.  

I can’t find other song that can fit now except that song by Latifa.

If you like the song , you can download it from here.


  1. I can't believe you didn't firgure it out yet. Pro-american Pinochet-like figures don't and will not get the same treatment Anti-American Pinochet-like figures will get. Go figure!

  2. Great article, thanks!

    West is the world champion of hypocrisy and double-standards.

    I can remember the hysteria that surrounded the Iranian election, it was very clear that they were trying to kill Iran as a working democracy (yes it is one. Iran had 5 different presidents since 1980. Compare this to Tunisia or Egypt records)

    Now their silence is the ultimate proof of their duplicity. They are hence enemies of the Tunisian people

    Thanks to God, the West is dying politically and economically. America, which is the "Death Star" of this Empire, is imploding before our eyes.

    It won't be able to model the world to any significant way. Good riddance

  3. I find your statement: "I support the legal Iranian reformist opposition demands and because of this I support what is happening in Tunisia"..incomprehensible!
    You have issues with Iranian policies, that is fine..but likening Iran to Tunis is utterly unfair

  4. Z, these types of postings always bring out the worst of your readers. Sam, you are probably living in the west and taking advantage of the freedom and wealth they have built for themselves--shouldn't you have some respect? Perhaps you'd prefer to live in Iran's "democracy"?

  5. It's not just the Western media my dear that is selective with its of all people should know that - key word: Halayeb.

  6. Iran is a flawed democracy by Islamic or classic standards. To the West it isn't a democracy if its not a secular one. The last Presidential elections were not rigged and Ahmedinajad won fair and square whether we like him or not, he represents tthe vast majority of Iranians, even Independent preelection polls showed Ahmedinajad had enough votes to secure a win. To understand the protests we need to understand the Iranian society.. while reformists are very popular in urban areas especially among the middle classes, they have failed to win over the poor and they have almost no support in rural parts of the country.

    There were massive protests in Tehran and around some cities after the presidential elections and he ist quite unpopular there but even the opposition and independent intellects in Iran will confess that many of the students did not simply hit the streets opposing against another Najad term but it was also a display of anger against the lower class, against the rural and uneducated poor who had enough power to shape the country and choose its leaders. The Westren media and naturally bogusstate took advantage of those protests to further disrupt the country but reality is the west will not support any Iranain leader under an Islamistumbrella, Moussawi may have been more diplomatic with us, less blunt in his speeches but he will never halt the nuclear programme or change major policies like relations with bogusstate or drop support for Hexbollah and Syria.

    So the quesion is, was Najad elected by Iranians? yes, without a shred of doubt; he most probably lost in Tehran but it's not the decision of one city..that's how democracy works.

  7. Instead of blaming world countries for their indifference towards the events in Tunisia, Arab and African people should urge the Arab League and African Union to provide the Tunisian people with urgent support, money and solutions.
    The Canadian.

  8. The Arab League is a useless, defunct, incompetent organisation.

    The African Union is not mandated to intervene in domestic crises.

    The Security Council won't say anything about it - France's maghrebine ties are far too important.

  9. ITA LAS is useless but wt is left is us the ppl, real question is why arent the ppl moving in solidarity. I only read about a potential stand-off in front of the the Tunisian mission in Cairo nothing more.
    @Zol: if Z is selective also you are selective, where is ur activism for others, all u do is talk Sudan so dnt attack others for what you are also doing.

  10. Anonymous - your lack of cognitive logic never ceases to befuddle.

  11. Democracy and Islam go in opposite direction and democracy is based on the premise that all people are treated equal, whether men, women, Christians and Muslims and the ability to see everyone as equal. The Muslim mind has forgotten that with fourteen centuries being brain washed that they should have the upper hand. I have a Pakistani friend who is Muslim and an adherent Muslim and asked him why Pakistan which was one day was part of India, when India now is getting to be from the countries that are developing so fast while Pakistan remains without advancing. As you know India is following the democratic path. And his first answer was that democracy is not part of Islam. It will always clash with the ideology of Islam and with all the Muslim clerics. Go and ask any Muslim cleric if he is willing to embrace democracy and when you get the answer, realize that the Muslim mindset that was planted in everyone of the Muslims will not tolerate democracy. Democracy is not supposed to be the choice of the elite but the majority of the people who believe in it. Do our public understands what the word democracy means? It is not just the people ruled by the people. Did you see when the president of Iraq lost the election and refused to step down?

  12. To the last commentator ,related to our topic here I do not know if you realize that Tunisia is from the most Secular countries in the Muslim world or not. The regime has fought all signs of religion in the country literally
    FYI India's biggest minority is Muslims who are contributing well enough for
    I am sad that you have not got friends from Turkey or from Malaysia
    I know it is an open season now but please let's be more logic

  13. @To the Anon before Z's comment: so you build your theory on the opinion of a so-called muslim friend?!! When I want to know about another culture, religion, country I do my own research and I certainly wouldnt take ppls actions as a solid point of reference bec if I do then I will assume worse things about the Europeans, the Americans, the Jews, the Christians and others. Before you blame Islam for the lack of care most Egyptians developed while disregarding the fact that non-Muslim Egyptians also participated in this general lack of care about any thing of public nature and only raising their voices when something is affecting them personally directly, let me ask you what is democracy? Which countries you deem as democratic? Did the democratic US want the Iraqi president to step down? Also, are we in Egypt really an Islamic society? Do you know that many American and European Muslims get shocked when they visit Egypt bec of how unIslamic Egypt seems to be, in comparison to the perception someone might get by reading about the country of AL Azhar and how most Egyptians are religious?! Did you hear what was said in Churches about praying for the ruler and obeying him, compare that to the same words coming from some Muslim sheikhs who mistakenly think Islam doesnt allow standing up for an unjust ruler, isnt this the same line of thinking, discourage ppl from standing up to the ruler bec we need to accept God's will, the same God who told us that he created us free and not to allow anything or any one to enslave us?!!

    If you are so keen on democracy, why did EU and the US the so-called leading democracies refuse to allow a democratically elected group from ruling Palestine? Why are they supporting and bedding ppl like the former Pakistani president and our current ME leaders. How about the Afghani puppet president, is he democratic enough for you. Did you think for a sec that may be this is what comes to our minds when we are asked about democracy, bec for me this is not the type of democracy I would want and I wouldnt call it democracy, its more like being a client ruler in a nice suite, who tells his ppl who religious he is while he really drinks and doesnt care for God or fear his enough to be good to his ppl.

    If equality is a value that doesnt exist in Islam how come for centuries ME along w every single Muslim part of the World had religious diversity and produced creations and inventions that helped humanity and pull Europe out of its dark ages? If the other is so democratic how come they cant tolerate some immigrants who are doing the jobs they wont do and cant even push their so-called leaders to live up to their words about equality and democracy in their relations with our part of the World.

    I also have one of my Pakistani friends who told me so strange ideas, strange to me as a Muslim, I also have several Christian and Jewish friends who each tells me a different version of their religions and I never take their words as a point of reference bec in the end this is their own personal take on what their faith is and not the reality of what it teaches.

    Like I wrote to another poster, who might be you, EITHER SAY SOMETHING GOOD OR HOLD YOUR PEACE AND LEAVE US TO GRIEVE IN PEACE.


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