Thursday, December 30, 2010

And Here is The biggest Woman Achievements In 2010 in Egypt !!

Egyptian first lady Susan Mubarak claims that the biggest Egyptian women achievements in 2010 is the woman’s quota in the parliament , in fact it is a triumph that will be recorded in the history of our nation “as if the Egyptian woman had not entered the parliament competing with men directly since 1957 not to mention our right to vote in 1956 !!”
Here we are after two weeks if I am not mistaken form the parliament and our ladies are doing more than great in talking on the phone during the session.
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The first two women MPs in Egypt were elected in 1957 : Amina Shoukry from Alexandria and Rawiah Attia  from Giza, they were the first Arab women MPs to enter the parliament. Without these two pioneer ladies would be ashamed of these quota MPs !! 

It is not about gender equality , it is about who will represent me better and understands his or her parliamentary role as he or she should !! This is from the basics.
Gender equality will not be achieved with bunch of NDP puppets only chosen to say yes to the NDP regime all the way , not to mention it will be achieved through elections fraud. “In one of the quota committee a  NDP TV hostess won over her rival with votes more than the number of registered votes in the electoral committee !!”

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    و قريب جدا حيحشوا بذنجان و ورق عنب تحت القبه


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