Sunday, December 19, 2010

The Telecommunication Spy Ring in Egypt Update

The news of the alleged Israeli spy ring which was lately arrested in Egypt started to spread through out the Egyptian and Arabic media with new details.
Update : Mobinil is going to comment about that matter very soon as they take that matter seriously.
Of course yesterday Al Jazeera announced the arrested of the spy ring in Egypt and it has become one of the top regional news across the Arab world. Dear Arabs wondered why the news was not receiving the same Egyptian media attention like the alleged Hezbollah cell.
Our Arab brothers and sisters do not know that that sort of news can’t find it way to the mainstream media except after the approval of the national security aka GIS. The fact that it was published in controversial opponent  “Sawt Al Oma” is bizarre and it forces me to ask many questions.
Anyhow the news has began to spread in our newspapers and our websites like Al Wafd and Masrawy. Al Masry Al Youm published new details about that spy ring like that there is a fourth Egyptian suspect in the case who used to be a member in the women’s basketball team at Zamalak club !! Also there are two Israeli Mossad officers wanted in the case. The alleged Israeli officers are accused of recruiting the Egyptians. The Egyptian security has informed the Interpol with their details. Their names and profiles have not been included yet in the Interpol online wanted list last time I checked the website while writing down this post. Al Masry Al Youm claims that the ring managed to record more than 15 international calls for prominent personalities in the government.
The role of the woman in the ring who was working as a PR manager in one of the tourism companies in Egypt was to collect information about the locations of  tourist groups from specific countries like Japan and China in Sinai for money. Allegedly that information would be used to launch terrorist acts against these groups including abduction !! According to the Al Masry report the tourists would be abducted and moved to Israel then moved back to Egypt after causing trouble in Sinai. The report speaks as if those terrorist acts took place already. This is very interesting because it comes at the same time we hear about that incident where African refugees are taken as hostages by some human trafficking gang.
Contrary to the initial Sawt Al Oma’s report ,according to Wafd newspaper the two suspects who worked in telecommunication sectors were working in Telecom Egypt not in Mobinil. Telecom Egypt owns 48% of Vodafone Egypt. Telecomm Egypt also operates the telephone landline network in the country.
The Israeli media has began to speak about the incident too. There has not been an official reaction from the Israeli government yet.  There is not a reaction from the Egyptian government as well but the fact that more newspapers began to speak about the matter is enough to indicate that sooner we will find an official statement from Cairo.
It is noticeable that no one cared to mention that the news was first published in “Sawt Al Omar” as exclusive scoop , may be because I am blogger I respect more the rights of exclusivity. Yes the weekly newspaper does not own the right of that story  but we must mention that it published the news before anyone else.

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