Egyptian Chronicles: Why Do The Syrian Media Ignore The news Of The Kung Fu Spy in Cairo ??

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Why Do The Syrian Media Ignore The news Of The Kung Fu Spy in Cairo ??

Since the morning I have been browsing the Syrian news websites from newspapers and news portals and I am surprised that there was nearly nothing from near or far about the Kung Fu Spy in Cairo !!??

How can the Syrian media ignore such important news especially when it is related to Syria directly ? For God sake the man allegedly had sent vital information about Syria , tried to recruit possible spies from there and the mother of spy activities : he met with a Syrian spy working for the Mossad , that spy is an important official in some security apparatus there !!

I do understand very well that that sort of news in our Arab countries must grant an approval from the intelligence services before publishing yet this news comes from Cairo not from Damascus.

May be the Syrian media does not want to declare about that spy hunt in Cairo , for fear the spies in Syria would pack their bags and leave as I hinted before but logically in perfect world the Syrian intelligence should be aware about this since the arrest of Tarek Abdel Razek  in last August and it must have be coordinating with the GIS to arrest that important spy they have in Damascus. In fact they may have arrested that spy at the same time yet did not declare for fear of public criticism for the system that allowed spies to penetrate it.  For sure that spy was member in the Baath party.

Anyhow  security experts in Egypt believe that there is a current coordination between Cairo and Damascus which will help somehow in reducing the political tension between the two nations.

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