Sunday, January 16, 2011

And This is Why Gaddafi Defended Zine

We considered the speech of Gaddafi as a sign of fear and it turned to be so because it turns out that there are some unrests in his country too.
There are unconfirmed news of small protests in several areas for the second day in row yet there are confirmed news that the Libyan citizens attacked some subsidized housing project and took over about 800 units in Benghazi with out the interfere of the security forces. According to news source Gaddafi encouraged the Libyans to do so as he admits that Libyans have been suffering from housing costs despite they were promised to be given affordable houses years ago!! “Do not ask why he has not solved this problem yet because he is not a president and it is these public committees problem !!” It seems that Gaddafi thinks that by this way he will control the Libyan people’s anger , he thinks that he understands the people’s anger but he is actually just like Ben Ali , does not understand anything. The Libyan citizens have paid for these houses as far as I understood and they have received nothing up till now.
According to couple of video clips posted on YouTube “Thanks to Dima Khatib” there were protests in Al Bayda , the 3rd largest cities in Libya because of the housing problem “there is a big Egyptian community there as it is close to the borders” You can watch the video clips below
Al Bayda Protest on the 15th of January
Al Bayda protests
Al Bayda protests
From couple of days ago the Libyan government lifted taxes and tariffs on food to avoid the unrests taking place in its neighbor countries especially Tunisia.
Libya witnessed from time to time unrests that are usually cracked  by the security forces and sometimes the army itself without the media exposure like for instance the Benghazi protests in 2006 which was actually ignited by the Libyan regime itself and later turned against it and what happened in Kufra in 2008.
The telecommunications and media sector is being controlled by the Gaddafi boys in a way you can’t believe it , even worse than Tunisia.
DO not think that this is a small issue because it started in Tunisia as a small thing and it turned as you all saw so great.
No wonder Gaddafi seems to be living on crack more than other day now !!
p.s Egyptians are joking online saying that Mubarak will be addressing the Libyan people soon telling them that no one is better for Libyan than Gaddafi.
Update # 1: 
Thanks to Dima Khatib we began to understand what is happening , there have been protests earlier today , the protesters are the real owners of the units which were invaded by others with the approval of the security !
Here is another video from the city of Darnah in the East (Via : Al Manara media )
The angry protesters are allegedly protesting in front of a security center saying "Libya is being ruled by a gang" according to our Libyan friends !! How to solve a problem in Libya Gaddafi !!? You create another bigger one !! بالشفاء
Again please do not overlook what is happening in Libya like you did in Tunisia and suddenly you woke up on a revolution, now it is a national security issue for Egypt.
P.S I love the fact that these protests in cities most of us do not know give me the opportunity to read more about it. 
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  1. whats going on with alarabiya? there's been a complete chage of tone starting last night with muntaha alramahi's show. now they're covering tunis more than jazeera is @@

    I can't understand what is going on in Libya, seems like a specific protest about albayt li sakinihi and people who had paid for flats and lost them. Avoiding the clarity of security forces versus protesters, a murky narrative of orchestrated looting from the beginning :(

  2. Ghadafi spoke about trade surplus between Tunisia & France, economic development and relative prosperity, as Tunisia graded in certain aspects 4th in the Arab world.

    How this information, if true, is consolidated with the massive and long unemployment of recent university graduates?
    The only explanation of vast poverty is corruption and inequitable distribution of wealth. This is the case in most Arab countries, Egypt included.

  3. Gaddafi is correct. America-Israel would like to grab the oil wealth of Libya and Algeria. And after this CIA-NATO-Mossad coup in Tunisia, the next countries to be destabilised and wrecked, apart from Libya and Algeria, could be Syria and Egypt.

  4. Anon said...

    Gaddafi is correct. America-Israel would like to grab the oil wealth of Libya and Algeria.

    what hogwash is that? American and multinational Oil Companies already have numerous deals in Libya and Algeria.


    and soon after
    Winning bid marks company's return to Libya

    SAN RAMON, Calif., Jan 29, 2005 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX/ -- ChevronTexaco Corp. today announced that its affiliate ChevronTexaco Libya Ltd. has been named successful bidder on one onshore block in Libya's first exploration license round, under the Exploration and Production Sharing Agreement IV terms


    BP is the biggest Oil and Gas company in Algeria, in fact it's the biggest foreign company operating in Algeria surpassing all previous French companies[like Totale] with recent deals. it's a multinational company, in essence more American than British. Contrary to common belief, the B in BP no longer stands for British a non-acronym

    Why would they want to destabilise countries they have a lot[A LOT] of money invested in?

    "And after this CIA-NATO-Mossad coup in Tunisia, the next countries to be destabilised and wreckedapart from Libya and Algeria, could be Syria and Egypt"

    Well, we all know that if the CIA black ops do indeed want to replace regimes in either Algeria or Libya they will do it directly and not start with a neighbouring country. First you gave us the rubbish that there are new off shore oil excavations in Tunisia and, when they didn't hold water due to the fact the only oil Tunisia exports is extra virgin and Pomace, now you're saying they are toppled BenAli for the sake of Libya and Algeria..what kind of codswallop is that?topple Mubarak?the USA will do whatever it takes to keep him in power..if I dared ventureinto details, Zeinab will almost certainly remove my post altogether.

    It seems the GIYUS/hasbara guys are more scared of revolutions in Arab countries than the shithead zombies themselves.

    Give it up, it's not working..and you are doomed anyways, with or without democracies in Arab countries ; you will not last another 60 years[much much less than that].. the only cure for your existential complexes is to go back to where you came from

    get it?


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