Sunday, January 2, 2011

Did You Or Did Not You Publish The Bloody Statement ?? "Updated"

The radical Majahden electronic network claims that it has no responsibility for the two saints church attack despite the threats that were published on the forum weeks before the attack.

Ok if it this were true , why there is that message or threat in the forum posted from 16 minutes ago !!? A threat that hundreds will die if Camilla Shehata and her sisters and this was just the start , is not that a direct threat !!??

And here is another message to Shnouda and his followers that this is just the start !! The message included a reward of 5000 Jordanian dinar for the one who will behead pope Shnouda III !! What brought the Jordanians to this attack !!? Is there a cell in Jordan ??

Of course I should not forget the coverage of the forum to the incident that includes a statement from that Islamic state of Iraq.
Is this real !!?? Are these real Muslims !!? These are not real Muslims.
Where is the internet department in MOI that stalks bloggers and netizens from that forum ?? It is foreign website and thus the GIS may have a role in finding those behind that forum and those silly threats. 
I just wonder how come the world intelligence was able to bring website down several times and could not bring that awful website down !!?? This is more dangerous than the Wikileaks.
Due to my anger from that sick website and due to the fact I am a Muslim who believes she should not be a silent devil , I made a quick search for the Majahden electronic network and this is what I found.
The registrar of the domain is e.nom inc in the United States . The domain was purchased in November 2007 and was updated in last October 2010 and it will expire in November 2011. The contact info of the website according to DNS stuff is :
PMB 368, 14150 NE 20th St - F1
Bellevue, WA 98007
DNS info
This is a fake fax , the same like the Karadizc's website too.
Here is the Majahden's statement denying their responsibility and I do not understand how they are denying the threats to the Egyptian churches in the forum !!


  1. Because some websites benefit certain parties and serves their purpose.


  2. Interesting...Is there more about this forum? I follow a few jihadist forum for more information but this adress is new for me.

  3. I have a feeling we are being played. A big operation like this would be a great chance for those idiots to claim victory why back down on it?! Did this happen before that they claimed responsibility then backed down?
    Was the strange fb page investigated?
    Was the man shown in the video of the mass minutes before the explosion checked?



  5. Asfour Crystal is financing ISIS? Please tell more!

  6. It's true ... Asfour family is financing ISIS operations in Syria .

    For my opinion , but this is only my opinion , Asfour family is a

    group of fucking bastards terrorists . Hope they will die in the

    Egyptian jails.


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