Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Martina was From The EGC Girls

I bet that among the things Martina Fekry prayed for in the new year service at the Two Saints Church was to save her school from the madness of Ahmed Zaki Badr, may be she was thanking God for the decision of the court to suspend the order of Badr , she was surely praying for her family , her father , her mother and sister. Little Tina had big dreams to be successful like her big sister for sure.
Little Tina with her late sisters and friends 
It is strange that Martina turns to be from the EGC girls , she could be one of those girls who appeared in the videos we all posted in our websites in the past week , even if she did not speak. She surely was among those girls protesting last week and her late mother was hurrying to attend the parents’ meetings across Alex to stop  the minister’s decision.
I feel so strange to write about Tina now. The EGC girls and EBS boys are going to participate in the stand of anger next Friday at the Corniche in Alexandria. 
May Allah bless the Fekrys’ souls and make their blood a curse on those killed them.

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  1. a car bomb or suicide bomber? decide

    "Ägyptens Innenminister Habib Ibrahim El Adly behauptet später, es sei “wahrscheinlich”, dass dem für das Attentat Verantwortliche einen “Selbstmordbomber” / Selbstmordattentäter auf dem Fuße gefolgt sei."
    watch the skynews video

    ..must be a suicide bomber and my mother's name is Younis Shalaby


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