Monday, January 3, 2011

A protest in Mansoura

Here is a video for a protest that was held yesterday in Mansoura in solidarity with the victims of the attack.

A stand in Mansoura
Yesterday was the big day of protests in the country , many Christians took the streets from Alexandria to Sohag to Cairo. The angry citizens attacked Hosni Mubarak , the thing that allegedly the Church wants to stop. There are many video clips and photos from the demos online. Here is a video for the Nile Corniche protest that passed by the ministry of foreign affairs and the national TV building yesterday.
At the ministry of foreign affairs.
A report from Daily News Egypt
Despite the usual violent reaction of the security forces when it comes to protests , most of the protests were not cracked down. There is no doubt that the MOI and the regime want the citizens to express their anger in order to control them later , you know that theory “let them scream till they get tired !!”
Today the protests and stands are still on in Shubra and the cathedral.
I hope that we restore to rationality and logic after anger , this year is a real critical year in Egypt.

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