Thursday, January 20, 2011

Speaking About Tunisia’s gold reserve , How Much Gold Reserve has Egypt got !!?

Former Tunisian first lady Laila Ben Ali is said to leave or rather escape the country taking with her about 1.5 tons of gold from the Tunisian central bank. The Tunisian officials denied this on the Tunisian TV and considered it as a rumor. The Tunisian officials claimed that Tunisia did not own 1.5 tons of gold in the first place !!
Well our dear Tunisian activists made a quick search in the World gold council website and found out that in December 2010 Tunisia got or used to have 6.8 tons. Now if the Tunisian officials lie and say Tunisia has not got gold reserve then logically they are lying about Laila’s theft. Well now Tunisians have got 4.3 tons gold reserve thank God.
Now this made me ask : how much gold reserve has Egypt got  ??
Officially in December 2010 we had about 75.6 tons of gold according to the world gold council.  We come after Kuwait. The gold reserve constitutes 8.7% of the Forex reserve. “info graphic” I think we should pay to our national wealth from now. I do not know if we should have more gold reserve or not considering our resources in Egypt but honestly when I was searching for Egypt’s entry I though we will be at the bottom of the list !!
A little historical fact Egypt used to have one of the biggest gold reserve before the coup of 1952.
Back to Tunisia and its economy , today the Tunisian central bank has ordered the nationalized of Banque Zitouna which was owned by Sakher Al-Materi , Ben Ali’s son in law. Banque Zitouna was the first Islamic bank in Tunisia and due to the presidential connection  this bank was expanding in Tunisia to the level of monopoly.
In an attempt to renovate themselves and to make Sakher Al-Materi popular especially among the popular classes in Tunisia , he was presented a religious man. Of course for an observer it was too explicit as considered the fact that Ben Ali’s regime was considered a radical secular regime , it is just like making Gamal Mubarak a follower to Hassan Al-Banna teachings.
The Swiss government has ordered its banks to freeze any Ben Ali bank accounts in a big blow to the former dictator , it seems Laila knew what was going to happen when she took that 1.5 tons of gold !!


  1. isreal?
    the "Jewish State" with out any gold reserves? hahahahahahahahaha imagine that..butter my arse and call me Susie!

  2. Egypt's currency, gold reserves, standard of living, consumer price index, GDP and many other economic indicators have been on the decline since Nasser's 1952 coup d'etat, Sadat's open door policy and Mubarak rich get richer policy.
    This is proof that leaders from military backgrounds are not qualified to steer a country into prosperity because they are trained to obey and be obeyed without self criticism.

  3. Check this out:


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