Friday, January 21, 2011

Thank you Mahmoud Saad

Egyptian TV host Mahmoud Saad is currently under the attack of Egyptian official media trolls above them Abdullah Kamal himself.
Mahmoud Saad congratulates the Tunisian people
Mahmoud Saad had congratulated the Tunisian people on air last Saturday on air in Misr Al-Nahdra TV show suddenly on behalf of him and his friends only not on behalf of the Egyptian people.
Now Kamal and other trolls are attacking Saad saying that he does not represent the Egyptian people and should not use the national TV to express his political views… to the end of their cheap talk that only reflects their fear from the Tunis syndrome. Now from my blog here I say that Kamal and his troll brothers do not represent except the regime which does not represent the people of Egypt.
Now I thank Mahmoud Saad for what he had said last Saturday on behalf of millions of Egyptians even though he assured that he was speaking on behalf of himself and his friend
Yes Mahmoud Saad is being used currently as a vent , yes he takes millions of pounds but at least he is a respectable man.


  1. we love to watch Misr Al-Nahdra TV show even though we live in Europe just because of Mahmoud Saad. For us Mr. Mahmoud Saad compared to other 3 tv host on this programme, Mr. Mahmoud Saad is the best and always honest in his comment and he always tell the truth as he could unlike the 3 others who try to kiss the regime Ass! Allah swt bless and protect him from Mubarak trolls!

  2. Mahmoud Saad is a person that is greedy money... He is in no way a respectable man. He's garbage


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