Saturday, February 12, 2011

After The Stepping down Announcement !!

I do not know what to write now , I do not know how to express my feeling except that I beg all the people in twitter and blogger , I do not deserve this praising , I am just a gal with her laptop whose first protest was last January 25 , 2011. “I could not even get to Al Tahrir , I came back to cover the battle from my home with laptop”

The true heroes are our martyrs who brought down Mubarak , who purified us from fear , silence and hypocrisy with their pure blood.

The true heroes are those Egyptians who stood against what was believed to be the most fearful regimes in the Arab world for three weeks in Egypt biggest square , they were and are still standing despite the cold weather , despite the public criticism and doubt , they came from all Egypt to prove one thing : Egyptians are not passive , Egyptians are not sleeping they are only patient and the world not only the regime has to beware the anger of these patient people.

The true heroes are those great activists ,journalists and bloggers who stood against the Mubarak regime so bravely for years especially since 2005 and even before that risking everything including their own lives for that precious great moment.

The true heroes are those who are detained for no bloody reason except that they want better present and also future for their country.

I dedicate this moment to all those heroes and also to the people who got cancer because of the shitty fertilizers Mubarak’s men used to import to poison our food   “Mubarak is said to be in cancer coma by the way now” , to the people who got HCV and HBV , to the people who were killed in Salam Ferry 96 , to our victims in the Egypt Air 990 , to our victims in Doweiqa , to our victims in the two saints church, to our victims who were killed, tortured and abused in Mubarak’s time, to our Egyptian POWs of 1956, 1967 and 1973 “our so-called war hero’s bbfs were Ariel Sharon and Ben Eliazer , the war criminals who killed our POWs” , to the real heroes of 1973 war especially to the great fantastic Saad El-Din El-Shazaaly who passed away last Thursday and was buried in the great soil of Egypt on 11/2/2011.

To all Egyptians who suffered from Mubarak and his era , this is your moment , insh Allah your rights will be back.

I also want to dedicate this moment to my grandfather and my father may Allah bless their souls , especially my grandfather who fought the battle of freedom of press in Egypt like many great journalists in the Mubarak era, it was enough that my grandfather lived when a man convicted of pimping as the minister of information and later the speaker of the Shura council. I am very sorry that when I started to blog , my granddad was alive and I did not explain to him what I was doing but I am glad that what I wrote , write and insh Allah will write what he always believed in. My grandfather could have been millionaire like some journalists and writers in Egypt if he sold his pen but he did not , he was honorable man who was waiting and wishing for #Jan25 revolution to happen in his time but it did not , it happened in the time of his granddaughter.

I am just like a reporter , a biased reporter to her country and her people, the great people , the oldest nation in the world.

I am sorry if I seemed distracted but I have got so many feelings , so many ideas , it is a huge moment for me , in fact for everybody in Egypt.

P.S I have remembered how my family was scared in 2005 when they know I was blogging and how they want me to expose the Mubarak regime crimes now !!


  1. Z, you should be proud of yourself coz you and others are doing something great for your country and people. freedom have to start from someone and somewhere! I am sure if your late grandfather and father still alive they would have been the most proudest people in Egypt right now! Your grandfather is a decent man who loves his country and people more than himself! May Allah swt bless both their souls in Jannah insyallah. Now you and others must look forward to build Egypt again to be the best and insyallah with all the resources and of course with the return of billions money taken by crooks to Egypt. those guilty should be punished and brought back to face their crimes! take care and enjoy the new freedom!

  2. Your family and followers are proud of you.
    Keep up the good work.
    The Canadian.

  3. Great article, I'm sure your father, Grandfather are so proud of you!

  4. You are a hero of the revolution -- but the time for your hard work and bravery, I am afraid, has just begun.

  5. You can take joy in knowing however small you played a part in a new beginning for Egypt.
    The difficult work now begins of creating new laws and changes. So don't stop. The world needs to know.
    Also this may have started something far greater than us all not just for Egypt but for the surrounding countries. Time will tell.

  6. I'm just a girl with a laptop too and that's why I love your blogging! YAY!!!!! Blogger power!!!!! And because of your years of blogging your thoughts about everything, your readers trust you...

  7. Did you see this chart of influential Egyptians measured by Twitter networks in Arabic and English? You are huge and you are in the middle - I saw that and cheered. Take a look! Maybe print it and put it up on your wall 8-)

  8. Zenobia,
    you said that "I do not deserve this praising" well if you do not like being praised then you should stop living such a praiseworthy life;D

    Seriously, you and the noble Egyptian people are heros! If I could be tortured, imprisoned or killed for speaking out against the ruling powers I know I wouldn't have the guts to do what you day after day.

    Thank you and all the heros of #jan25 movement for what you have done. The whole world is in awe of your deeds. Now dictators everywhere will tremble at the mention of Tahrir Square.

    Please keep blogging and tell us about the new Egypt, Egypt 2.0 as Wael Ghonim put it.

    Peace be with you Zenobia.

    PS thanks for the link to El-Koshary Today. It's hilarious.

  9. In The Name Of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful.

    May Allah grant all those who fought/fight and will fight for the best of our country Paradise.

    May Allah bring peace onto our country and help us build this country to be role model all around the world.

    May Allah help our future leader to take the right decision, May Allah Guide him to the right way, May Allah Guide us all to the right way.

    All Praise is due to Allah, and his peace and blessings be upon our Prophet Muhammad

  10. Look:

    You were one of the most prolific tweeters during uprising.

  11. Dear Zenobia,

    being an egyptian living abroad your blog was always a great source for true informations about what is going on in Egypt. I followed your blog I think about 3 or 4 years now, and will of course continue. You are doing a great job. Your are part of this great generation who made history for Egypt. You are a hero.

  12. Dear Zeinobia, 2/12/2011 07:34:00 AM is the type who will try to hijack your democratic revolution. Beware.


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