Monday, February 21, 2011

And Ahmed joins Tal !!

So how would the Syrian regime fire back on the international world after the imprisonment of blogger Tal Malhoi ? It arrests another blogger !!
The Syrian authorities have arrested recently veteran 28 years old blogger Ahmed Abu El-Khair. Ahmed started blogging in Arabic in 2005 , his blog Ahmed’s blogs and forums covers a variety of issues to Tech to religion to politics. Recently he wrote from the inspiration of the revolution speaking about the Jasmine Revolution of Tunisia comparing it with Syria in few lines.
Ahmed has a BA in Islamic studies and Arabic. He is not only a veteran blogger but he is also a co-founder of Syrian blog aggregator  “Al Mudawen” {The blogger} and the administrator of “Ektob” {Write} blogging service.
Abu El-khair
Here is Ahmed’s facebook page , there is solidarity facebook page with him “Freedom for Syrian blogger Ahmed Abu El-Khair” .I see he is criticizing Bashar Al Assad in his Facebook page wall , this can be dangerous. 
There is not much info on why Ahmed was arrested or the circumstances of his arrest except that he was arrested at Baniyas in his way to Damascus where he lives.
Bashar Al Assad has approved the new law of e-media regulations which is made of 41 articles.The law says Syria welcomes freedom of internet except when it comes to national security and of course the national security concept for the Syrian regime is too damn vast !!
Please spread this post about Abu El-Khair as much as you can. I am so angry that bloggers are paying the price while corrupted are the one who enjoy the freedom that you do not deserve.


  1. thanx for info
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  2. the police triied to run over a mannifestant


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