Thursday, February 24, 2011

And Meanwhile in Maadi !!

And meanwhile in Maadi at Algiers square a police office shot down a microbus driver after a verbal tirade over traffic priority. According to eye witnesses the driver told the officer at the end that he should remember how the people forced the made the cops stay at their homes for 3 days.
     We made you stay at your homes for 3 days.
Next thing the police officer pulled his gun and shot the driver 3 times , the driver was killed as simple as that. The people attacked the police officer and burned his police car. The army came and saved officer who was transferred in to hospital. People have been protesting since then , it is a bit chaotic. There is a news that the people are attacking the police station there. 
The police car on Fire "Tarek Amr"
There is a video filmed from the scene itself , you can watch after the break. It is not graphic but it is full of insults.

I do not know if that the police officer or the driver but I think based on what I know it could be the police officer because he was saved from the angry people by the army while he was on its top. The people seemed to be hostile to that person in this video.
The police officer is alive unlike what was claimed earlier. It turned out that his name is Salah Ashraf El-Saginy and he is the son of infamous officer "Ashraf El-Saginy" who is known for his torture and human rights abuse record during the time of Hassan Al Alfy and Habib Al Adly. "You know what is said about the apple and the tree after all !!"
The friends and family of the late driver said that they will head to Tahrir square
The last thing I got from twitter friends in Maadi that the youth are calling for a sit in at the Algiers square.The police officers have left their positions again and the Youth are currently organizing the traffic. There are protests currently , big protests in front of El-Saginy's house and as well the Sakr Qoraish police station.
Nothing justify this murder , it is a murder by all measure. I will not listen to any justification for any kind because a person was killed. The police force need rehabilitation with courses in anger management. We are waiting for the reaction of the minister of interior on this murder.
I think the police is not ready yet to face the public because honestly they have not admitted a crime that they deserved to stand for in front of a military trial. We will not forgive or forget that easily and we will not buy the cheap talk of the police martyrs “some of them actually were actually killed by their bothers in arm like late General Batran” , we will not buy the cheap talk of good cop and bad cop , we will not buy
We want a full complete confession of being responsible for those 500 Egyptians killed “according to and those thousands injured. We want a full complete confession that what happened from leaving positions for days even at our borders in Sinai was a crime.
The people of Maadi have suffered a lot during the revolution of #Jan25 not less 20 were killed in one street aside from the injured when people tried to protest near the house of Ismail El-Shaer , the former head of Cairo security directorate.El-Shaer is currently house arrest by the way. Anyhow I remember calling my relatives in Maadi who described a catastrophic scene especially in the populated areas. They were among the first people on ground who confirmed to me on January 28th and January 29th the use of live ammunition.
This was a huge battle we should not forget and the people already in Maadi have forgotten yet and this is why they are extremely angry now.
Update : 

  • It seems that Maadi will spend the night without police force. 
  • According to We are All Khaled Said group both the officer and driver are alive. 
  • The officer's rank is major. 
  • The MOI has suspended that officer from work till the end of investigation. 
  • Hundreds were protesting at Algiers square tonight chanting against state security and police. 


  1. You do sound defiant for making justice which is good. I hope others will demand justice. Though I'm worried since from Al Jazeera English there has not been a single word will there be protests in Tahrir Square tomorrow.

    In comparsion last week there was certainty a couple days before friday. Hopefully you people aren't giving up the weekly protests, they seem only thing that makes progress.

  2. was the driver or the police officer killed? there are comments on youtube saying that the one who got killed was the police officer and the dirver was sent to the hospital (opposite to what you wrote up there) questioning your credibility but just making sure
    I have strong believe that these comments on youtube videos were made by the state security officer

  3. Here in the West they have totally stopped covering Egypt. It has been buried as a news story. Kooky Qaddafi and his impending civil war have taken precedence.

    Sounds like Egypt is still uprising.

    The police will not give up the authority they have had over the people for 30 years.

    Can you explain the ranking system in the police. We only have sargeants here. We don't have majors or any other ranks. How does it work? What is the lowest rank and what is the highest?

  4. Would you comment on this!!

  5. Neofluxs,
    The microbus driver was transfered last night to the hospital in critical condition and he was declared offically dead very early this morning.

    The police officer is alive and kicking, and if he gets away with this murder, he will kill more innocent Egyptian citizens.

    You are correct: there is an enormous propaganda campaign by state security (SS) officers on all social media websites to try to brainwash public opinion both inside and outside Egypt. The SS officers short term goal is to avoid being persecuted for ther crimes (kidnapping, torture, detainment, murder) against Egyptian ctizens for the past 30 years. Their long term goal is a counter-revolution to return Egypt to pre-Jan 25th conditions, where they terrorized our entire population.

  6. the police man should be on trial. his job to serve the people and not to take the law on his own and just shoot or kill anybody that is against him! Minister of Interior and the whole police Department need reform!! and the currect Minister of Interior need to leave!!!

  7. This type of angry mob behavior has got to stop. Yes the policeman should be brought to justice, I agree. But, for us expats who have been evacuated our companies will not bring us back as long as this sort of thing happens. So, every time I hear or read about something like this, it just brings tears to my eyes, because I know it will just take even longer for my return (and for many other expats and tourists, as well.)

  8. I agree with you Vagabondblogger. Minibus drivers in Cairo are a big problem because they don't respect the law and their driving behavior is the worse I have seen. There should be no place for lawless streets in the new Egypt.


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