Thursday, February 24, 2011

Helping our brothers in Libya

What is happening in Libya from crimes against humanity demand us as humans , as Arabs and as Egyptians to help our Libyan brothers and sisters in their quest to freedom and democracy.

Our Libyan brothers and sisters are in need of blood and medical supplies , 0you only can watch one the videos I posted in my daily posts about Libya to know the challenge the Libyan hospitals in the liberated Libyan cities and districts face from blood and medical supplies shortage.

If you are interested in donating blood or medical supplies to our Libyan brothers and sisters and you live in Cairo or Giza or Helwan , you can head to either Raba’a Al Adwayia mosque at Nasr City in Cairo, Cairo or Mustafa Mahmoud at Mohendessin in Giza to donate. Drop of blood or piece of cotton can save life in Benghazi or Darnah or any other liberated city.

I will not say for the sake of January 25 revolution but for the sake of the 2true Egyptian ethics that were revived on January 25th ,2011 and dazzled the whole world for 18 days , please help the Libyan. For the sake of Aziz Pasha Al Masry and Abdel Rahman Pasha Azzam who fought the Italians along with their Libyan brothers in the last century , help the Libyans even with a simple prayer.

God knows what they are witnessing is much more worse that we have seen and had seen in all those 42 years , both of us suffered from dictatorship but they have to bear with a madman in power of 42 years.



Photos from Mustafa Mahmoud mosque donation campaign.


  1. If you live in Tunisia, you can donating blood at the General Hospital in Zarzis

  2. As a westerner I wonder if there are any ways to personally help the cause for freedom overseas. Like in the days of the American revolution where French, Polish, and others from across the world would come and aid in all ways possible for the cause!

    I hope for the best, and will continue to keep an eye out for how I can help those with their goals!


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