Friday, February 18, 2011

Even The synagogues

Do you know that during the last 18 or even 20 days in Egypt there has not been a single guard from the police force protecting the Jewish synagogues in the country !!?

Do you know that there has not been a single attack against a single synagogue recorded in the country ?

Do you know that the synagogues in Down town were not attacked or harmed from any kind ?

I will not speak about the churches or mosques because in this revolution we knew for real who was responsible for the sectarian tensions in the country. During the early of the revolution we found the British intelligence accusing Al Adly in the church bombing according to the Lebanese press. Lawyer Mamdouh Ramzy filed a complaint to the general prosecutor earlier this month based on these allegation in order to open an investigation. According to what declared earlier the high state security prosecution was investigating the allegations.

Yesterday Thursday Al Adly who is under house arrest claimed in an interview at Al Masry Al Youm that he was interrogated nor did he try to escape or even own palaces !! Later that night the general prosecutor ordered the detention of Al Adly for 15 days in the biggest slap to the infamous minister of interior. Officially Al Adly’s interrogation has started last night by none other than the high state security prosecution.

Back to the dangerous allegation , If you remember there were many question marks about the two saints church bombing.

The fact that Al Adly ordered his men to kill Egyptian citizens using live ammunition , Al Adly ordered his men to release thugs to terrorize the Egyptian people makes me convinced that he is behind the bombing of the two saints.

A man who ordered his men to kill and torture Egyptians like that would not hesitate to bomb a church or a mosque. This man who was responsible for the murder of more than 300 Egyptians would not hesitate to kill innocent people praying in the house of God.


  1. Stay safe...that's terrible that Al Adly would harm his own people...I wish you all well..

  2. I wonder that nobody talks under what ORDERS Adly was doing all that??!!Or now it's poor old Mubarak, didn't know what was going on?
    And I love your blog, thanks for the hard work, I check it daily.

  3. Yes but State Security itself is torturing Egyptians as we speak. They are all Mubarak's agents of terror. I wonder if they put pins under Adly's finger nails, and electricity on his genitals ?

    The false flag bombing of the Two Saints church, like 911, was to justify a war of terror on innocent civilians.

  4. Wagging the dog : It refers to making a situation seem something it is not by creating the situation in such a way that the spectators react in a predetermined manner.
    The Egyptian government had mastered this technique since Nasser's time (thanks to the ex-Nazi and KGB experts)to direct people reaction in a predetermined manner as they did two weeks ago when they turned their citizens against anybody looking like a foreigner.
    True facts indicate that Egyptian Jews many contribution to Egypt's progress in various fields was suppressed and buried, instead the regime made them look like demons.
    Many Muslim and Christian Egyptians had excellent relationships with Jewish Egyptians before Nasser poisoned the relationship.
    The Canadian.

  5. Have the men who beat and sexually assaulted the South African reporter while screaming "Jew!" at her been arrested yet?

  6. @Z, some of your readers are so stupid and deluded it takes my breath away:

    "The false flag bombing of the Two Saints church, like 911, was to justify a war of terror on innocent civilians."

  7. Jason, where else do you expect stupid people to contribute? Sure, they could go to BBC "Have Your Say" but there's so much traffic there they'd blend right in with all the other morons.

  8. Are the Jews expecting to be more safe under the rule of Muslim Brotherhood?


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