Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A Genocide in Libya “Graphic”

What is currently happening in Libya can only be described as a genocide , this is the only description that fits what Qaddafi and his regime is committing against the great people of Libya.
Qaddafi appeared from an hour ago ‘it is 3 AM Cairo local time’ after announcement that he would address the public. Many people in the Arab world not only  Libyans waited for his speech , we saw what his son said and we were waiting for his speech which could be the last “ I hope so”
Qaddafi broke lots of records today , he killed more of his own people than Mubarak “18 days” and Ben Ali “30 days” and he said a speech shorter than Omar Soliman’s historical announcement !!
20 seconds or even less !! This shot black comedy scene was only to prove he is in the country according to experts , showing that it is raining and that house “his old house at Bab Al Aziziya which was bombed by the Americans” in Tripoli.  Egyptians have started to launch jokes about his umbrella and his Italian mini car. Unfortunately I lost my ability to laugh with all the photos showing the victims of the brutal attacks that are still going on.

This is a dead man walking , I said before and I say it again , this man will be killed. Already Sheikh Qaradawy has issued a fatwa on air that this man should be killed for what he has done. The Fatwa is very controversial but you agree with me that this man is a murderer.
The air raids have not stopped in Tripoli according to eye witnesses who are describing horrific scenes. It is enough the photos that started to come from Benghazi and Tripoli , the most extreme Graphic photos and footage you can imagine.
This video below was taken yesterday from the central hospital in Tripoli , it is graphic but it is not that graphic like other videos.

The video below is compilation of photos from Benghazi , these are the extremist graphic you can see , already Al Jazeera was hesitant to show and they show it after some editing. I am sorry for the content but the least thing I can do for those martyrs who were killed for freedom is to make their voice heard in a world that only cares for the oil price.
The video below is from Benghazi on the February 17, 2011 , please tell me what kind of weapon can cause such injury ? “Graphic”
People now are speaking about a death toll of 1000 in Tripoli only.The Qaddafi forces are attacking everybody even doctors who can’t do their job. There is a new of a horrible massacre committed at Tajura.
The map of revolution is getting updated by the hour, please follow it.
There is no doubt that Qaddafi is relying now on mercenaries more than anything , more and more Libyan army forces and even Libyan officials are turning against him. The nationalities of these mercenaries are making headlines , some say that pilots who flying these jets killing innocent people in streets are from Ukraine , some say from Israel while other say from Italy “as mercenaries” The mercenaries troops that are killing people is said to be from Chad and Ghana as we read that there were ads calling for guards to work in Libya in the past few days for $2000. “We need confirmation” Here is a video taken yesterday in the morning from Tripoli showing mercenaries wearing the Libyan army’s uniform.
Another thing we do not understand is the alert status of Italian army !!! Is the Italian army planning for invasion or what !!?
The Egyptians in Tripoli are in huge danger , already we got confirmed news that our embassy in the capital is under the siege of thugs and mercenaries. Mercenaries are targeting Egyptian workers there according to what we understood. The ministry of foreign affairs has launched hotline for the families of those in Libya currently which is 19413
Despite the air space of Libya is being sealed especially over Tripoli the ministry of foreign affairs announced that there will be two flights on a daily basis to evacuate the Egyptian citizens , I do not know how !!? In fact the ministry asked the citizens to head to the Tripoli airport which is being closed and could be dangerous. Not less 2,000 Egyptians have crossed Sallom border crossing safely , they are speaking about scary scenes. Last night the Libyan official TV showed footage for some Tunisian and Egyptian workers who confessed of distributing LSD and weapons to turn the people against Qaddafi !! Of course we know this is fake but this is so dangerous on the safety of the Tunisians and the Egyptians. Qaddafi is a mad man for real.
The armed forces council representatives said on their first televised interview that they will protect every Egyptian inside and outside Egypt , I hope that they do their best to save the Egyptians and as well our Libyan brothers from that mad man.
Egypt has sent already 25 ambulances to Benghazi. The medical conveys from Egypt have entered the country thank God. There are more medical conveys began prepared by our great wonderful people in Egypt who will protest also tomorrow in solidarity with their brothers.
Now I do not understand what is going on because according to our information Qaddaf El-Dam , Qaddafi’s cousin and right plus his special enovy to Egypt is currently in Cairo , what does this criminal do in Egypt !!? Did he defect or what !!?
What is currently happening in Libya is a crime against the humanity and I think those who are silent on what is happening there are accomplice in this crime. 
Qaddafi’s regime has boldly invited the CNN , BBC , Al Hurra and I think Al Arabiya to visit the country to see the reality. ‘I do not know what reality exactly’
Our Dear Ben Wedeman of CNN is the first reporter to reach Libya already so please watch for the CNN coverage and also follow his twitter account.
We are getting news that the air raids are back , the Qaddafi´s forces are taking the houses and quarters of the officers who turned against him.
Update @1:48 PM Cairo Local time 

  • The syndication of pharmacists says that 25 Egyptians were killed and found at the hospitals of Benghazi. FM Abu El-Gait at last has spoken and said that the Egyptian army will send two military jets to evacuate the Egyptians from Tripoli. He added that the Egyptians should coordinate with the embassy. 'it seems that it is not under siege' Abu El-Gait did not mention how the Egyptians outside Tripoli in the West will go there.
  • The borders with Egypt are open and you can cross it without a Visa
  • The photos from Tripoli began to find a way. This is the first batch of photos showing glimpses of the district.
  • Not less than 600 were killed yesterday. 
  • Here is old flag returns back to the embassy of Libya in London.
  • Here is a video showing the weapons used against the civilians in Benghazi.
  • Here is photo also showing the kind of ammunition used in Benghazi , no wonder the wounds in the photos and videos above were terrible. 
  • There was a failed coup attempt against Qaddafi yesterday led by general who was killed.Many army officers were killed yesterday for disobeying Qaddafi's order. I do not know why the army officers do not kill their mercenaries.
  • The people in East are now controlling oil , the people in Tobruk threatened to cut the oil export if Qaddafi does not stop killing this massacre.
  • Defected former head of protocols Nouri Al Mismari said that Qaddafi would not leave without a fight. For the record I always wondered who Al Mismari was after seeing his photos with Qaddafi. 
  • News that only Qaddaf El-Dam came to Egypt yesterday but rather on of his sons. The news also say that the son was hoping to make the Egyptian media in his dad's side.  Historically his dad used to pay to Arab journalists including Egyptian journalists to praise him including editor in chiefs. Fortunately no one of these journalists dares to defend Qaddafi now. 
  • Carlos Latuff made fantastic cartoons about Libya and its madman.  This is the best cartoon to describe the fate of Qaddafi. 
  • Here is a report from Reuters ,a mini report about Qaddafi's bloody history in Libya. 
  • The Dutch army has evacuated the Dutch citizens according to AFP. 
  • Reports that the mercenaries' pilots are from Serbia, Ukraine and even Pakistan. Al Jazeera showed footage for mercenaries' passports from Chad and Sudan 
  • Here are photos showing mercenaries roaming the streets of Tripoli "Source: Libya News Media

Update @8PM CLT

  • And Qaddafi spoke again in less than 24 hours on air for a whole hour from Tripoli. He addressed the people from  his old house at Bab Al Aziziya which was bombed by the American air forces in 1986 , a pathetic attempt to remind the people with pseudo war with the imperialistic powers. This is a usual Qaddafi speech so you can imagine how I feel now. Already as soon as he finished I have taken a panadol for this headache. The man was yelling and yelling , hitting on the table then yelling again then renting in a language that we do not even understand !! No wonder that Al Jazeera English translator could not go along with him all the time , this was not Arabic all the time , seriously and it is not about the differences in accents !! The Arabic channels had to cut his speech as expected as it was too damn long . Qaddafi was angry and nervous , too angry and nervous to be accurate. 
  • He will not step down because he is not a president , he is leader of a revolution !! 
  • I think we should wait a real genocide or cleansing in Libya tomorrow or even tonight. This man is crazy and stubborn at the same time. Already he said in his long speech that he would use force if things did not return as before in the country !! Do not wonder and ask what was taking place in Libya then because according to Qaddafi the young protesters who took LSD from Tunisians and Egyptians killed the police forces and the army taking their weapon !! 
  • I am so worried on the Libyans now , this man is planning for something terrible , already he mentioned that China had its reasons to commit the crime of Tienanmen square  , Boris Yeltsin was right to order the tanks to attack the Russian White house and the siege of Waco in Texas !! ¨Honestly I did not get what he meant by the Branch Davidians except after few minutes when I remember what he was talking about !!?" He repeated the siege of the Davidians twice actually. He already said at the end that he will burn the land if the people do not stop protesting
  • He is calling for everybody in Libya to come tomorrow to get rid from these rats , everybody should come and get rid from these rats !! 
  • Protesting for Qaddafi is not for democracy but for Palestine and Iraq by the way !! 
  • The man repeated what his son claimed from two days ago and he even went far when he accused the protesters of being the agents of the United States and Al Qaeda at the same time. The LSD and drugs talk is back with clear accusations to Egypt and Tunisia. He kept screaming while he was attacking the people of Benghazi and later Zentan. He also kept repeating that Al Qaeda is currently controlling Darnah !!
  • He kept reminding us with his history , at first I thought he is imitating former President Mubarak in his last presidential speech but then I realized it is not about getting sympathy of the people but rather about his ego. Qaddafi after 42 years of power realize that Libya is not him !!He kept reminding him how he made Libya the leading country in Arab world , Africa, Europe and even South America. He is the glory that Libya, Arab world , Africa, Europe and South America can´t give up !! He fought and kicked the ass of Italians, British, Americans, Sadat and Bourguiba !! 
  • Moving from history to law , for half an hour he kept reading from the penalties law book in Libya to tell us what is the penalty of protests, carrying weapons...etc. The man also read from his bloody green book. 
  • He was pretending that he was addressing a huge public and it turned out that there was a bunch of his bodyguards !! 
  • This can be the last speech for Qaddafi folks. 
  • Some of callers from Libya are asking the Egyptian army to interfere. 
  • Dr. Mahmoud El-Shamam , the famous journalist and Libyan opposition figure said that the madman of Libya has given his orders to his men to burn all the dead bodies at Tripoli hospitals as he hired some PR company working for Berlusconi in Italy to gather a group of foreign journalists and visit Tripoli. Fortunately the CNN managed to go from Benghazi . 


  1. dermot o'dwyer2/22/2011 04:45:00 AM

    Hello from the uk,
    please be assured that though our western leaders watch in silence, the world is watching in horror and revulsion at the murder of all your children...hopefully all your armies / security forces... wil lrealise that they are murdering their own parents...children...relatives and wil lstop and lay down their weapons.....peace be with you all our hearts are heavy tonight

  2. The Economist and Jabal Al-Lughat have an amusing linguistic analysis of Saif Qaddafi's speech, in which he tried to be folksy with Libyan dialect. A commenter named John Cowen loosely translates Seif's opening into folksy rural American Southern English as follows:

    "Today I'll speak with y'all... without a written document or a written text. I ain't even verbalizing to y'all in the Classical Arabic language. Today I will make my oration to you in Libyan colloquial dialect, and address you unmediatedly as an individual member of this Libyan populace. And I will speak out of my ass. Even the conceptualizations and the bullet points have not been prepared in advance. Because this is a presentation directly from the emotional side of me."

  3. Zeinobia, Warning -- some of your readers may become confused and disoriented when they read The U.S. Can Help Libyans Defeat Gadhafi by Paul Wolfowitz. Finding themselves in agreement with an American Jewish neocon will cause them deep cognitive dissonance. It must be a trick!

  4. I think this is new. Video of a woman asking Qaddafi for help. What's he saying?

  5. Italy's response via their Foreign Minister is appalling. Deliberate scaremongering about the "Islamist Emirate of Benghazi on their doorstep". Shame on you Italy.
    As for the Czech response - truly speechless. The smug hypocricy of "not getting involved" from a country that suffered greatly from repression under the Soviets, and whose own democratic "Prague Spring" of 1968 was cruelly crushed. This country (or at least its govt. reps) has a very short memory . This is a disgrace to the memory of those brave people in their recent past who fought for Czech independence.
    I am so disappointed in the poverty of human spirit and compassion and of the rampant self interest shown by these countries.

  6. "Atrocity" is the word you are looking for. Genocide is an attempt to exterminate an entire people.

  7. What's Dear about ben wedemen.. he's jewish you idiot.. now jews are dear!!??

  8. While gaddafi sits underneath his stupid umbrella, his people are getting butchered by the the hundreds. what a truly selfish man.. I've never been so repulsed in my life. Until i saw Gaddafi's face. I wish the libyans freedom and they will get it Insha'Allah.

  9. What realy wonders is the fact that the Egyptian army is sitting on their hands.

    -No one's blaming them; despite beeing Your next kin and neighbours with the strongest army in the Middle East (?)

    Many are blaming EU and US as passive bystanders. Are you all blind or just following the ever ongoing Middle East tale of the irresponsible and innocent?

    Take action with help of Your neighbours instead of asking the West for help once again.
    If 'we' interfere we are blamed, When not we are also blamed.
    Sounds ridiculous as Poland and their ever feeling sorry for their fate!

    Get a grip.


  10. Zeinab, it's not a genocide..not to underplay what's happening but genocide is ethnically cleansing a race like what happened IIIn Rwanda or Bosnia..there is not evidence of that in Libya. What's happening in Libya can be referred to as crimes against humanity but no genocide.

    @Lars, get a grip on international law. The Egyptian army should not and will not intervene in another country's local turmoil or enter Libyan airspace without an international blanket i.e. security council resolution.

    the EU and U.S are blamed because they rarely respect international law ans security council resolutions when it has to DDDo with their interests, they act alone and think that NATO decisions gIIIve them legitimacy to invade countries, declare illegal wars or intervene internally..it doesn't and that's why they are 'blamed'..they are nOOOt really blamed but ACUUSED of not abiding to UN resolutions and being selective about what to implemenTTT and what not.. Israel vs Iraq for example..

  11. Mubarak is no better than Gaddaffi, Mubarak didn't murder 365 in 18 days as everyy shmuck keeps repeating as if the shooting lasted for the entire 18 days. Mubarak killed more than 350 in just 2 days, Friday the 28th(anger day) and Saturday 29th..the rest were killed by snipers or the promubaraks on the Camel riders day(wednesday February 2nd). He's by no means better than the idiot in LIbya or less bloody..if the police weren't crushed on the 28th and following Saturday the killing spree would have continued and the death toll would have easily reached 1000. He wanted the army to shoot the protesters and that's exactly like Gadafii..only difference Libya's army mostly followed orders, Tantawi refused such orders.

    All this happened less than a month ago and still very much in our collective memory yet we are already making up history that Mubarak killed "only' 365 civilians in the duration of 18 days FALSE!

    Mubarak killed more than 350 in just 2 days..FACT!!

  12. "Mubarak is no better than Gaddaffi"

    At least Mubarak doesn't dress like he's riding a float in a gay pride parade. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

  13. Am disgusted and deeply worried by racist comments about Jewish people. Some readers need to grow brains and learn the difference between a Jew and a Zionist. If you cannot see a difference - you are a profoundly stupid and hateful person. Whether Wedeman is Jewish or not is irrelevant. He is on the side of fighting injustice - as are a great many Jewish people.
    Use your brain and think for yourself. Anti-Jewish and antisemitic propaganda, like anti-Muslim and Arab propaganda, is for sheep.

  14. This tweeted by @monash:

    "@Sarahcarr is collecting accounts of xenophobic attacks during revolution (were fueled on by state media) http://tinyurl.com/6kl4c7u Help her"

    Sarah said "Xenophobic attacks coincided with allegations broadcast by state media (and repeated by vice-president Omar Suleiman) that Tahrir Square protestors were either foreign agents from Iran and Western countries, or Egyptians in the pay of foreign powers."

    Sadly it seems that these kinds of allegations are not limited only to Mubarak's regime. Even in this post you have speculated on Ukranians, Israelis, and people from Chad etc. There are black African citizens of Libia. It seems to me that bloggers have been over-exposed to Mubarak's tactics and may be doing the same without realizing it - hence reports of attacks on innocent Africans in Tripoli i.e xenophobia.

    Here's another example from @OmarAlmu5tar which you retweeted:

    "Confirmed caller from Tripoli: African mercenaries are African jews trained in Israel

    That meant that it was immediately spread to the thousands of your supporters.

    I write this because I have so much respect for what you are doing and what you have done, but I see a tendency which worries me.

  15. You highlight an extremely important issue Dominic.

  16. The ignorance of some people..

    Ben Wedeman ... jewish?? How exactly do you know whether he is jewish or not? You saw his birth certificate? You are related to him?
    I know as a fact he is not.. and even if he was, he has a track record of being honest and balanced and fair. So let's put that one to rest!

    As far as comments on Italy's Frattini and the Chech statement (we should add Blair and England, Obama and the US) I think you can tell, that despite their "Gaddafi is a terrorist" declarations, they were friends of interest. Oil .. Oil... Oil...

  17. This anti-jew sentiment is such a shame and shows that even intelligent people are still being manipulated by propaganda and prejudice. It is very important not to stereotype people based on their race, nationality or religion. Can I point readers in the direction of two brilliant Jewish thinkers who are on the side of justice: Chomsky and Finkelstein. There are many more. See the following clip in which Finkelstein powerfully confronts the ignorance of those who justify the crimes of Israel by referring to the holocaust. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A5drXEXkf9s
    But remember if you justify hate crimes against Jewish people based on the crimes against Palestinians you are as bad and as ignorant as the stupid girl in the clip.

  18. The revolution has left me full of hope for Egypt and I hope that one day Egypt will become a country which welcomes back the children of Egyptian Jews who were gradually forced to leave Egypt after 1948. How wonderful would it be if Egypt's flag had the crescent and star, the cross, and the star of David on its flag. Am I mad to even think this? That would really fuck with the heads of American and Israeli Zionists!

  19. @Last anon, I dnt want a flag w any religious symbols. Would be nice to have a flag w colures representing the diversity of the ppl though, acknowledging Nubians, Bedouins ect.

  20. Agreed. You are right. Scrap the religious symbols altogether.

  21. Do not be too hopeful for the revolutions either in Egypt or Tunisia or any other Arab country just yet. You can be certain right now that schemes are being engineered by the elite and the militry to slice up the pie, and to drip hijack the revolution dlowly or/and by stealth. The longer it takes for reform to materialise the more likely whatever you end up with will be not too diffferent from before, then all it takes is for some foreign money to be injected and dumped into the economy wholesale giving the impression of freeedom and economic reform. The first rule of democracy is to suspect,suspect,and suspect the leaders somemore and hold them accountable for the manifesto, your manifesto not theirs, and if you do not get exactly the reform you want, go back to the streets and start all over again. My impression is that since the protestors have gone home in waiting, I am assuming that the military or the transition government is doing its bidding gently behind closed doors to keep as close as it could to how it was before yet not make it too obvious. At this early stage do not let your leaders decide behind closed doors, the whole point is about transparency. The first few things Egypt want right now is for the people to keep alert and mature also you need to keep informed through freedom of the press without reprisals, Freedom of TV and Media braodcasting propaganda free, Freedom of expression without threats, these will allow you to know what you have to know and express what you need to express. Finally all my regards to my Egyptian and Tunisian brothers I wish you all prosperity and peace...from your eternal sceptic brother.

  22. If you think others are ignorant when they jump to conclusions about YOU, then try to go one week without making a snap judgement of ANYONE based on what you THINK is their race, nationality, ethnicity, sexuality, religion, financial class, educational background, etc. It's surprisingly hard to do. So, consider that when you talk about Arabs, Jews, Americans, etc etc etc. Think in terms of human beings. Gaddafi is an evil person. Just like Hitler, Pol Pot, Stalin, Mussolini, Chairman Mao, etc. And when you think of an Arab is it Ralph Nadar who comes to mind? When you think of Jews, does Elvis Presley come to mind? Yeah, his grandmother was Jewish and he wore a Star of David. So try it: try to go a whole week without jumping to conclusions about people...you might find the world is a nicer place than you thought. Most people are good. Most people just want a good life for them and their families. Normal decent people of the world, unite!!!!

  23. How dare you to announce that Serbian pilots are bombing the protestors? Augful and terrible lie. Who's interest is to launch these lies and propaganda? Who are these criminal reporters, who they are working for?

  24. "Yeah, his grandmother was Jewish and he wore a Star of David."

    Elvis wasn't circumcised though.

  25. Speaking of who's Jewish and who isn't: Feb17info.org blogs about an Israel Today report that Qaddafi is Jewish.

  26. This is not proof of genocide, How do we know the rebels didn't do this just to blame it on Gaddafi . I'm not a Gaggafi supporter but I need to see better proof. This would never classify as proof in any court.

  27. Imagine you have friendly nations to you starting form the Mediterranian Tunisia, sailing south to Libya and making a refuling pit stop, then continuing through Egypt, crossing the golf of Aden to Yemen and Somalia, opening up to the Arabian sea and the Indian ocean, overlooking the far east, the bay of Bengal and the south China sea respectively.So now you have a backdoor to future superpowers What a strategic dream for a general.

  28. It breaks my heart that this happens in the world-anywhere. Although Americans are typically not liked abroad, I am hoping that my government makes a difference and helps to stop this mass murder. There was not any oil in Germany during WWII so I hope that people see that it's not all about oil but what is right. And the people will be safe.


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