Tuesday, February 22, 2011

What about that captain ?

The armed forces council announced in its official Facebook page from 3 days ago that there has not been a single investigation with an officer or solider regarding the #25Jan Revolution except Major Ahmed Shoman who also has been pardoned.
The pardon of Major Shoman comes after this huge campaign in the Facebook in Egypt that asked the council to pardon him after knowing that he may face 25 years of imprisonment for what he did on February 10th, 2011. Of course we feared a grimmer fate for Shoman as nobody can forget how he asked Mubarak and also minister of defense Tantawy “the head of the armed forces council currently” to step down.
Now we are happy that Major Shoman will not get a single week in military jail for disobeying the orders but I wonder what the fate of that captain whose picture was all over the newspapers in Al Tahrir square on January 29th is. Issandr El Amrani shot this short interview with him.

The photo of that officer was too damn iconic , I had it on my laptop. I wonder what happened to him too. Hopefully he has been pardoned just like major Tarek.
By the way the armed forces council members revealed for the first on air that thugs killed army officers and soldiers during the past weeks and the army kept it as a secret in order to not to provoke the officers and soldiers and turn them against their own people. “Watch and learn ministry of interior” May God bless their souls.
By the way we have known who was that officer who was crying when he could not help the protesters against the attack of camels and thugs on February 2,2011 "The camel battle"
He is captain Maged Bollus.
Bollus was on the verge of breakdown technically when he could not help the protesters at first but then we knew when the attack developed he attacked the thugs. I think he should be promoted ASAP.
Here is a video clip showing him in Al Tahrir , I have not seen it before.
Guys these videos above were not shown in the mainstream media in Egypt.

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