Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Heikal on Egyptian TV : Remove that spot in Sharm

When someone like Heikal with his controversy and his size in Egypt speaks on the Egyptian TV after decades and decades of absence, it will need a post.

Agree or disagree with Heikal’s views , love him or hate him  but this time the man speaks about valid points. His points about the counter revolution and the attempt of some to jump on the revolution from forces from the old are all valid. We were all surprised about that podium scene in last Friday , it was obvious scene.

We can’t deny that there is on going on counter revolution led by Mubarak or rather Gamal Mubarak who does not and will give up easily his rule like that. This is a 30 years old regime that will give up in front of 18 days of revolution ,we will be naive if we think that.

I agree with Heikal Mubarak should return back to Alexandria or travel to Germany where he gets a treatment, he is not better Egyptian than Princess Fawzia nor our great leader Mohamed Farid. This spot in Sharm is so dangerous. What Heikal said about this spot in Sharm made many people in Egypt very concerned and alarmed with what being planned against the revolution. The fact that nothing has happened yet to Safwat Al Sherif, Zakaria Azami and Omar Soliman plus the annoying fact that Shafik is Mubarak’s loyal man.

What I love in this episode is how he blew up the myth of Mubarak’s air strike and its upper hand in the 1973 war. Heikal claims that Sadat insisted on it for political and psychological reasons despite field marshal Ahmed Ismail was not convinced of its military importance , he insisted that Gihan El-Sadat was alive and can witness on what he said. Heikal strangely was speaking politely about President Sadat unlike any other time.

This is a should watch episode from Misr Al Nahrdha , it is from the best and rich episodes of this show since its start. I think Mahmoud Saad recorded more than one episode with Heikal.

I hope the next guest Mahmoud Saad will host in the show will be none other than Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei. There is a disturbing rumor “Or news” that Dr. ElBaradei is still banned in Egyptian TV channels and this is very alarming. I am also waiting for this interview with Ibrahim Eissa.


  1. "There is a disturbing rumor “Or news” that Dr. ElBaradei is still banned in Egyptian TV channels and this is very alarming. I am also waiting for this interview with Ibrahim Eissa."

    Isn't many of the youth groups in contact with ElBaradei? April 6th Ahmed Maher and even posterboy Ghonim has expressed his support for ElBaradei. (Though Ghonim is a bit flaky changing his "role" a bit)

    Can't these groups verify is he censored or not? Wouldn't simple asking from ElBaradei suffice?

  2. Zeinobia thank you so much! It is so important that people be made aware of the counter revolution. Your blog is wonderful!


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