Sunday, February 20, 2011

Libyan People Vs. Qaddafi "Graphic"

 Nobody can make Mubarak looks good except Qaddafi !! What is happening in Libya in those 73 is unbelievable , completely unbelievable. Still honestly we should expect that because we are dealing with unstable sick mad man.
Qaddafi will be killed , mark my words , he will be killed , he will not leave Libya alive after what he has done. Already the people of Libya now are carrying arms officially against him in a real revolution not a coup like the one he led in 1969.
Qaddafi gave his orders to his loyal men to kill those generals and army officers who refuse to listen to his
orders , this has been reported in the past 24 hours.

 There is a lot of noise in Tripoli district, the internet is reportedly cut from the whole district.

Here is a video from Al Zintan which is in the South of Tripoli.
This video was filmed yesterday in Al Zintan and it shows an old Sheikh "as in the Sheikh of community" giving his final orders and advices to the young men who would head to aid their brothers in Al Bayda and Bengahzi against Qaddafi. This shows that it is more than youth movement or it is a public revolution by all measures.
The counted recorded deaths in Benghazi is 36 while there are still over 400 unnamed victims in the streets, in the hospitals , this more than Egypt "officially"and Tunisia. The Qaddafi's snipers targeted the people who tried to buried their relatives last night.
The police and army forces joined the people in Gharyan in Tripoli district and they managed together to stop the mercenaries coming from the south.Of course the people in Benghazi were not that lucky because the army forces that went there opened their machine guns against the people.
There is a disturbing rumor that Austrian C130 aircraft will come to aid Qaddafi , we do not know if it will carry arms or medical aids.
Speaking about medical aids we got reports that the Tunisian medical aids were attacked on the borders. Also the hospitals in Benghazi are in need of blood donation from type (-A) and (-B)
Here is a video showing a young teenager killed by a gunshot in his head , extremely graphic.

 The former president Ben Ali bodyguards are reportedly among the mercenaries killing and terrorizing the Libyan citizens in Tripoli.
There is online live stream from Bengahzi you can watch , it is in Arabic. "it is now offline"
Qaddafi is messing up with the Nile Sat and I believe the Mubarak orphans in the ministry of information are happy with that because Al Jazeera , their nemesis channel is being jammed !!
Today at 4 PM I think there will a protest at the Libyan embassy. There will be also two protests in Alexandria and in Matrouh as well. The people in Matrouh are extremely angry with taking place in Libya
You can call this number "0106888777"  in Egypt if you want to help the Libyans with food or medical supplies.
Here is a video showing Libyan people arresting a mercenary who was insisting that he was a Libyan where the people were insisting that he was a foreigner

Also here is a translated English audio testimony from Benghazi speaking about horrific details. The number of the people killed or injured are up till 900, the injuries are extremely dangerous.
There is confirmed news that the people gained controlled of the city of Cyrene
The international community is so silent in a strange way. Of course Berlusconi will bother his friend Qaddafi thanks to the oil contracts he got from him. 
Some media reports claim that Qaddafi does not want and will not leave the country and that something called the Libyan revolution council advised Qaddafi to step down. Reports speak about ministers that have resigned and mutiny movement in the army. Nothing is sure yet.
Al Jazeera found out that the Libyan intelligence is jamming on its channels on Nile Sat, Arab Sat and Noor Sat !!
The Libyan envoy to league of Arab states has resigned from his position today in solidarity with the Libyan people.
We are getting news on twitter that the protests are increasing in Tripoli.
Seif Al Islam Qaddafi is going to speak tonight on TV.
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  1. WIth the libyan people. Insha'Allah they conquer all the difficulties they are passing through. With love from Egyptian.

  2. Ya Rab, may Allah swt give them victory insyallah. it is so heartbreaking to listen the guy talking and talking asking people to join and help them until his voice is getting husky is really sad.

  3. This shows a uniform M.O. By the Riot Police in all Arab countries where there was an uprising. Tunisia, Egypt, Libya, Algeria and Bahrain.

    Zein el Abedin Ben Ali had dedicated his capital city for an Annual Arab Ministers of Interior Meetings.

    In those meetings, he provided them with Seminars held by the World's top Mercenaries and Criminal Security Firms such as the American Black Water to demonstrate to them the most diabolical and draconian methods of repression and torture.

    They would demonstrate to them how to hunt for and kill protest leaders, thinking that by eliminating their leadership, the movement would collapse.

    That is why you see an uncanny similarity almost to a complete uniformity in equipment, troop training, methods of operating and the uniform method of Long Range Rifle Marksmanship to hunt down leaders of the uprisings.

    The Arab world is dealing with a criminal, almost subhuman type of rulers acting with more wanton criminal atrocities than the Jews in Occupied Palestine.

    Now we know why they all had excellent relationship with the Israelis; they are their mentors and role model.

  4. Even Machiavelli advised rulers not to use foreign mercenaries against their own people.
    Qaddafi has given himself the kiss of death.

  5. This comment has been removed by the author.

  6. i wish the libyan people independence from quaddafi's iron-fist. they are in for what i predict to be a long and bloody battle with a mad man. i send my well-wishes to the courageous people of libya.
    my dad is an overseas worker from the philippines who is working in benghazi. there are no reports about the foreigners' whereabouts, and i read that protestors were threatening to kill them. i am very worried, i'm hoping he is safe.
    i thank you for keeping us updated. i'll be following your reports.
    peace and love to my brothers/sisters of the arab world. may god keep them safe.

  7. Updates now :

    Internet is crap and I don't know how long it will last, so I'll be posting and updating as I go. Refresh to read.

    Benghazi :

    Libyanna ( mobile company ) sent a message to all the citizens of Benghazi telling them to go home; as it is their job to defend Benghazi.
    Weapons and soldiers arrived from Bieda and its surrounding area.
    The 64th battalion and Abdulfath Younis's ( عبدالفتاح يونس) special forces battalion attacking the main revolutionary guard garison in benghazi ( الفضيل بوعمر). Fighting is ongoing.
    General Population of Benghazi arming up with everything in their grasp.
    People chanting muammer here we come for you, death is coming.
    Crowds are larger than ever seen ( they were nearly 100,000 ) three days ago.
    Helicopter shot down by the people of Benghazi.
    Beni Walid :

    We called 20 mintues ago and got confirmation that a battalion from the Werfalla tribe are on their way to Tripoli ( anti - government ).
    Zawiya :

    Call 15 minutes ago, the city is free and empty of any government battalions. We told them what is happening in Benghazi and they said they are on their way to Tripoli to free it !

  8. ...such as the American Black Water to demonstrate to them the most diabolical and draconian methods of repression and torture.

    Blackwater and other American mercenaries taught Arab dictators about repression and torture, Ryan? Seriously? I think your only hope is to go ask your mom to slap some sense into you, because you sound like a babbling idiot.

  9. wow werfallas, westerners might not know what that means.. please Libyans dont forget to take videos of Gadafi hanging

  10. This reminds me of Saddam bombing his own people using his fighter jets, the very fighter jets that failed to guarantee Iraq air superiority at any time in history, so instead, like most Arab Junta's he will turn them on his own people in order to salvage whatever is left of his personal credibility amongst his pears. Now we all know what happened to Saddam as much as we know what happened to Ben-Ali and Mubarrak. Gaddaffi is an illiterate crazy individual with little education or grey matter, frankly he should never have been anywhere near political or military power. Like an idiot with lots of power gained through force, he will carry on killing until, yet again
    like Egypt and Tunisia, the army decides enough is enough which is probably unlikely since Gaddafi took care of that, he gave them a good life and just in case, he recruited foreign merceneries as a just in time killing tool, and of the fighter jets killing people, well he learnt that from the Egyptian airforce stupidly flying jets over Cairo earlier in the revolution, in order to strike sound wave terror into the hearts of the egyptian people. Gaddafi was watching, and I bet he said, well if this took place in Tripoli, then my fighter jets will not just make a lot of noise, but it will drop real bombs on those traitors, you see Gaddafi learnt from Ben Ali and Mubarrak incrementally. Now the Algerians are also watching and learning and no doubt they too will kill their own people in a much more effective ways as they have done it before. I must say that as the Arab renewal is taking place, every Arab Junta is learning from the revolutions before and they all have one thing in common, the security forces and the army, that is what it is all about. At this moment in time I am rather pessimistic, about Libya and Algeria. Like Algeria, Gaddafi bought the army who are doing well thank you very much and there is no need to change.The Army and Air force in Algeria also are doing weel, I fear this is looking bleak in the best Arab tradition of roothless leaders taking the lives of Arabs for granted and killing them in large numbers as they please. Will this develop into a tragedy? I think so, and with regret we have to brace ourselves for more killing by this monster.In my view the real responsibility for this just as it was in Tunisia, Egypt, Bahrain, Libyia and Algeria, is firmly placed at the doorstep of the Armed forces, for they are the killers, in the case of Libyia they even worked with the mercenaries to shoot Libyian, what kind of an Army of the people is this? Finally, you ask me why the Arabs have failed for centuries? well there is your answer before your eyes and dont just blame imperialism and ignore the head of the snake.

  11. The head of the snake is imperialism. The Arabs that mess up are in the minority, and they almost always have external support.

    I'm sure Arabs of the past have also wondered about why did Europeans fail so much.

  12. its the exact time for egyptian militry and other arabian country such as saudi arabia to attack the gaddafi rigime by using air force rather than asking US and UK to help....


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