Saturday, February 19, 2011

The Omar Al-Mokhtar Grandchildren Revolt "El-Birka Massacre"

Things in Libya are evolving in a way you can’t imagine it.
First of all as far as I have known there is internet blockage in almost all the country except very few parts. Some internet users have difficulties in accessing some websites while other can’t go online at all.
The protests are spreading like fire in the country , it seems the tribes have joined the protests as well and this I suppose will turn the confrontation between the people and the Qaddafi regime from another side. You must know that foreign reporters were not let in the country. Reporters tried to get a Visa from the Libyan embassy in Cairo in the past two days.
The protesters or rebels or the Libyan people have reportedly controlled the Al Bayda district , the police forces there have joined them and this turned the thing upside down.
Now Benghazi also is reportedly Qaddafi regime free district according to news agencies, news channels and also twitter , of course for a heavy price as not at least 70 have been killed there today. There are about 100,000 citizens currently protesting in the city. The people have gained control of the main radio station and they promised in announcement that they will harm any foreigners. Here is the channel after being liberated from the Qaddafi regime. Some army forces in the city allegedly have joined the protesters while other forces including the special forces were attacking the citizens. Here is photo from Benghazi earlier when protesters gathered in front of the courthouse in the city and later torched it.
From Ayman
The people in Benghazi are extremely scared , there are rumors about foreign mercenaries and huge army deployment and movement around the city. Saadi Qaddafi earlier came on TV and said that there are huge plans of development for Benghazi “ reminds me with the former Tunisian regime’s promises for Sidi Bou Zid”. The hospitals in Benghazi are in urgent need for blood and medical supplies.
There are protests in Tripoli and the people are reporting that the Qaddafi regime has brought mercenaries from Africa and also Asia , there are reportedly air jets carrying mercenaries brought to Tripoli airport and the people are very concerned and afraid.
Huge army deployment has been witnessed near Darnah district.
We are scared on the Libyans because unlike any other ruler in the Arab world , Qaddafi is officially unstable manic.
Wait for video and photos and for more updates insh Allah , another long night in the Arab world.
Update : 
  •  The Benghazi radio reported that Al-Saadi Qaddafi has been arrested in the district. Already people were speaking earlier that he was trying to escape from the district when his plane was torched.
  • An army general reportedly has joined the protesters and is leading currently the resistance against the mercenary groups. 
  • AL Jazeera reported that there are currently celebrations in Benghazi that the city was freed from Qaddafi regime. 
  • The youth are organizing traffic and protecting properties in Benghazi "Like in Egypt" 
  • There is a scary rumor that Ahmed Qaddaf El-Dam hired thugs from Egypt to come and help the Libyan regime in cracking down this revolution. If this is true , then I hope the armed forces council acts quickly and stops this ASAP. 
  • The Libyan hospitals in Benghazi are in urgent need for blood donations and medical supplies , this is an international SOS.    
  •  The Eastern part of the country is reportedly Qaddafi free , I am not sure of course. 
  • I am too scared from the colonel's mad reaction. 
  • Here is a great report from BBC News  
  • Rahab FM "owned by Hamid El Shaeri¨ has joined the Pro-democracy protesters in Libya , someone called the station and said on air that the colonel escaped to Cuba !!
  • Not less than 200 were injured on Friday , many of the injuries are life threatening. 
  • People were killed  in Al Badya by snipers , here is a photo for one of the martyrs who have been killed today and you can see the head shot crystal clear "Graphic" 
From Facebook
  •  The police in Ajdabiya has joined the protesters. 
  • There are unconfirmed news that there are water poisoning cases reported through out the country !! If this is true then Qaddafi is out of his mind to poison the water !! Still this could be a rumor because according to what I understood from Libyan tweeps the Libyans do not drink tap water. 
  • The mercenaries Qaddafi is using seemed to be from other African countries according to the eye witnesses.
  • I notice something that in this revolution most online activists from Libya are using the old Libyan flag which is based upon the Senussi flag , I like it more than the Green flag of Qaddafi.
I hope that this will be the new flag of Libya
      • There are reports that bloggers and activists from Libya have been arrested from the West. 
      • I got unconfirmed news that not less than 100 civilians were killed in Cyrene !!
      • The demands of the protesters now in Benghazi is the head of Qaddafi."Actually I imagine his end will be like that"
      • Benghazi doctors are speaking about a death toll of not less than 70 !! 
      • According to FB the pro-democracy protesters managed to control Tobruk  , the police joined the protesters and now they are facing these African mercenaries.
      • There are news from Tripoli that some army officers are refusing to obey orders and they are currently detained in an army based near Tripoli
      • It is now 3:44 PM and the internet is cut in Libya , we do not know exactly what is taking place there. 
      • There are news that there are clashes again in Benghazi.
      • There will be a protest in front of the Libyan embassy in Cairo at 4 PM. 
      • The Libyan authorities is jamming the broadcast of Al Jazeera on Nile Sat !! 
      • There are news that members of the Libyan regime are leaving the country. 
      •  Here are photos showing the martyrs of the Libyan revolution , as you can see they were shot in their heads "graphic" 
      • Also here is a video "extremely graphic" from Benghazi from some hospital's morgue showing the victims of Qaddafi
      •  Here is a video showing army soldiers surrendering to the people "I do know where" 
      •  Here is a shocking video showing two protesters shot in the head , it is extremely graphic and one of the protesters seems to me a teenager :( 
      •  The protesters have controlled of Misurata district 
      • The borders between Egypt and Libya is open so I wonder if the people of Matrouh can do something like sending medical supplies to Benghazi 
      • There are news that Libyan special forces are heading to Benghazi in an attempt to liberate Saadi Qaddafi before the city. 
      • Human rights watch says the Qaddafi regime has killed at least 84 civilian in the past three days.
      • The Libyan TV channels are airing interviews with Sheikhs that prohibiting revolutions ¨despite Qaddafi revolt in 1969 !!¨, they are also repeating the ill talk of Mubarak´s media regime from foreign agendas.. etc.
      • There are very disturbing unconfirmed news that the Libyan forces are currently using heavy missiles , people are speaking about a genocide , not less than 200 civilians were killed :( I hope that this is rumor. 
      • People speak on Al Jazeera that protesters are currently killed by anti-aircraft guns and 14.5mm machine guns
      • The tribal traditions in Libya made the police forces and some army officers not to attack their follow Libyans.  
      • Here is a video footage showing the African mercenaries hired by Qaddafi against his own people "Extremely graphic"
      •  Here is another footage , this time you see the mercenaries arrested and killed in Libya, they are allegedly from Chad. " Extremely graphic"

        •  I found another good website to follow the news from Libya : Libyan Revolutoin
        • CNN confirms the reports that helicopter snipers have been used in Libya by the Qaddafi bloody regime.
        • According to Al Galaa hospital about 120 civilian have been killed today in Benghazi 
        • It seems that the man who is supervising the massacre currently taking place in Benghazi is a general called Abdullah Al Sanussi  
        • Al Galaa hospital has run out of beds , has run out of blood. 
        • Thousands were injured in the attack. 
        • There are children who have been killed and injured in this masscare. 
        • Some colonel called Mohamed Saber has left the army and joined the protesters in Benghazi. 
        • Al Bayda youth took some weapons and headed to Benghazi and as you see in the video , these are not light weapons !! The bastard is making Libyans fighting each other !!
        • It is 11:44 PM and there is on going technically in Libya , Qaddafi is making Libyans fight each other and Africans fight each other. Reports of more and more mercenaries heading to Benghazi while the people of Al Bayda are trying to save  Benghazi.
        • Here is an eye witness' testimony from Tripoli.
        • Several prisons in Libya especially in Tripoli were emptied from inmates "repeating the Al-Adly's scenario". People in Tripoli are also reporting that there are security forces in town to be seen, I will assume that that these security forces are like the police in Egypt. This is so much Egypt Jan28th but of course there is the Qaddafi's new touch : Special Qaddaf Al Da'am forces that look like militias !!
        • Google now is offering the Speak to tweet lines to the people of Libya :  +16504194196, + 390662207294 and 442033184514
          •  The last thing I have known that there are smokes seen near the Qaddafi's residence in Tripoli , already there are clashes in the district. 4 people including an Algerian citizen have been killed in Tajura. 
          • I am worried about the Egyptian community in Libya especially in Benghazi just like I am worried about our Libyan brothers and sisters. 
          • Women and children were reportedly killed in the massacre of Birka "it is the name of the barrack"
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          1. Hi Zeinobia,

            That Libyan TV link you gave,, is chaotic. There is no picture. There are occasional voices saying "hello" or speaking Arabic. It appears to have been taken over by ordinary people, non-broadcasting professionals! Incredible! I wish understood what they are saying. Thank you for reporting this. Al Jazeera is strangely uninterested in reporting this on their live feed.

          2. Jason this is radio, Benghazi radio has been taken over by the people
            there are nomedia coverage allowed in Libya now it's now a blackout

          3. I have only this to say "May Allah swt give victory to them, May Allah swt help and protect them Insyallah. They are in our prayers and to the marytrs 'Inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un', may Allah swt bless their souls and place them in Jannah insyallah.

          4. May the people be victorious against this man-monster, this scourge who has brought undue misery on not just his people but the peoples of Dunblane, England, Cote D'Ivoire, Sudan and Chad for *40* years. This has the potential to be the bloodiest revolution what with the mad-man's brood - straight out of a horror film.
            May the people be victorious.

          5. The green dictator must not be allowed a safe exit, he must be lynched and made an example for the rest of dictators

          6. Appreciate reports about the brave libyans. Neither western media nor Al Jazeera reports much about it.

          7. The main thing here is that the people of Libya just like the Tunisians and the Egyptians, must not be affraid of the police or the army they must be preparred to pay the price for their freedom, if they continue the demonstrate without fear, sooner or later they will earn their freedom, if they chicken out and go home, Gaddafi will win, so free people are those who are not affraid. Keep on going Libyans.

          8. You have offered more information here despite the difficulties from blocked Libya then all the big news stations combined. An amazing achievement of collecting from so many sources giving us at least a hint of what terror is unfolding in this battered country. Truely remarkable Z. and shocking to say the least.

          9. Can u please redistribute and post :

          10. Please distribute and post :

          11. As a european, I am truly ashamed about the poor covering in the media and total lack of solidarity from here. You there are the future, this continent is going into the past.

            Hope there will be victory for you, and bloodshed will soon be over!

          12. Alberto from Italy2/20/2011 02:45:00 AM

            Yeah. It's a shame. Shame on Europe, shame on USA.
            No media coverage at all. I know Libya since more than 20 years and have a lot of friends, some of them more than brothers to me. Tonite I heard our premier (the dwarf Berlusconi) said he didn't call Gaddafi as didn't want to disturb him....
            Incredible. Unbelievable. Ashaming. We should learn from our Libya fellows and do the same here in Italy against our corrupted politicians.
            We must spread as much as possible all coming info from Libya as no journalists or media are allowed to enter. Gaddafi & Co. must be hanged.
            No mercy, he is insane, he is a murderer. And his sons too, especially Saadi & Khamis. I see no difference between them Saddam & sons.
            Please Libyan people: no mercy with them !
            41 years of conspirancy are enough. Remember Abu Selim and the civil plane fliying from Tripoli to Benghazi in 1992 shot down by a missile on purpose to show the rest of the world how bad was during embargo. I saw with these eyes during the 2nd half of 1980s a lot of students hanged in Benghazi streets, please do not forget those too. Please have no mercy with the worst dictator of Northern Africa.
            Last but not least, Mr. Obama shame on you. Why you were that much concerned with Mubarak while about Gaddafi no comments ? It is because of the price of the oil your Gov. settled down with him 40 years ago ? Or it is due to the money Gaddafi thrown away to other African countries on your behalf ? Money belonging to the Country wealth by the way....Or it is due to the fact that Muhammar is a CIA agent ?
            Shame on you Mr. Obama, you are the same as your predecessors ? Bah, you make me vomiting !

          13. Qaddafi is a dead man walking .... inshalla freedom is very soon

          14. You cant blame America or Obama for everything, America has taken enough burden of the world's problems how soon u've forgotten that America liberated Europe from hitler in the 1940s?? America liberated Iraq. I m tired of lazy europeans bad mouthing the USA. When America was liberating Iraq ppl said it was for oil, can u imagine what ppl wud say if America shud step in?...why can the European forces go in to liberate Libyans? Libyans have been brain washed for over 41yrs they were made to understand that America was the enemy. It is the duty of UN to fly in their forces and arrest Ghadafi dead or alive b4 he kills more of his ppl not America!. Ghadafi might be insane but he still got some game, who wud have expected him to bring in African mercenaries?? If America goes in Ghadafi might turn it into muslim christian war! and bcos of the mentality of the muslim world they will believe Gadhafi. He is desperate and wud do anything to hang on!...the only alternative now is for his generals to turn against him not by outrightly disobeying orders but planing ahead to disobey orders and moving weapons to the ppl so they can defend themselves.

            I'd also like to say shame on the govt of Chad and Niger for selling ur soldiers to commit evil for money!..the blood of Libyans are on you and soon u will be b4 a UN trial court.

          15. America liberated Iraq???

          16. Anonymous before last
            I do not belive the governments of Chad or Niger has anything to do with it. Mercenaries follow no government, they are not enlisted in formal armies

          17. America liberated Europe from hitler in the 1940s?? Please explain this statement.

          18. British BBC is covering events quite fully at the moment. Shock at the brutality being shown, and some rightly questioning why Blair got so friendly with Gadaffi.

          19. This horrendous picture of a protester that has been shot by some high-calibre round, has been posted on a few hours ago, but has not been picked up by the internet-community: One of u who does have a decent amount of followers on twitter (which neither libyafeb17 nor me have) might want to spread it.

          20. Suzanne in California2/22/2011 03:54:00 AM

            Anonymous said...

            America liberated Europe from hitler in the 1940s?? Please explain this statement.

            As a thinking American, I can't defend the statement about the U.S. "liberating" Iraq. But the position that American troops made the difference in the battle against Hitler is perfectly reasonable.

          21. I just hate it when something are not even said here.. like:
            -The youth are organizing traffic and protecting properties in Benghazi "Like in Egypt"
            And you've just forgot "AND "Like in Tunisia too".. yeah, too bad that they supported (Egypt) to take Mubarak down.. and now egyptians are not even appreciating.. shame on you egypt.. it sounds to me like egoism here.
            Next time try to be faithful and appreciative instead of being egoism.. stop the old thinking.. and start a newer one.

          22. The Omar Al-Mokhtar Grandchildren Revolt "El-Birka Massacre"?

            still looking for the story.

          23. Let us not bring the US or the west to this, as is normal practice in the Arab world, there is a big appetite for Arabs to kill other Arabs, Iraqi, Libyans, Tunisians, Bahrainy or whatever, they just love to use those automatic firearms to shoot at their own people Ben Ali, Saddam, Mubarrak the whole lot of them, what about those pilots using their toys to kill civilians, even if the weapons are supplied by the US or anybody else, in the end its down to individuals making a decision to squeeze the trigger. In Tunisia, Libya and Bahrain, Egypt or Algeria, the guys who pulled the trigger are not westerners they are Libyans, Egyptians, Tunisians shooting their brothers. Do Arabs have respect for the lives of their Brothers? well not from what I have seen. I am so ashamed. When will the Arabs shake off their appetite for killing, executing, shooting and hanging and resort to reason and dialogue at a time of crisis? A very final question I would like to ask, nearly in all cases we have seen lately, what exactly is the role of the Army and the security forces in the Arab nations and what is the Arab league is all about? as from where I am standing the Armies and security forces appear to think that the enemy is the people, and the Arab league is useless at a time of crisis, it has no teeth, it empty an hollow.

          24. This comment has been removed by the author.

          25. Libya Solutions

            1 - United Nations: discussion (part) 'democracy' with 'country' (including 2 points - found: Consensus in the 'country')
            + Protesters' about 2 / 3 - The country people '(anti-government) -> governments' innovation completely. " Approximately 1 / 3 'country people' -> compromise 'response'.

            + The 'leader' country: tenure (and vote 'trend': two times a term.)

            2 - (Outside) no intervention (internal):
            conflict 'protest' - 4 elements:

            + Authorities 'response' 'rights' (people).

            + Review: 'water quantity' 'against government' (Libya. ..) - how to resolve 'demanding' people.

            + 'Government' is not 'resolutions'' Security Council United Nations' (votes' absolute ') and' leader 'is not' banned movement. "

            + The 'link in the region' 'not opposed' (ie the Arab League, ASEAN, Africa ...).

            3 - Apply 'military intervention' (external) - based on:

            + Article 7 - The United Nations Charter

            + A country (outside) no intervention. Number of coordinated water (shown: part - many 'people' World).

            4 - Make 'intervention measures' 'outside' 'purpose':

            + Prevent conflict (violence): 'government' and 'people - oppose'.

            + Response: 'government solutions' and (require) 'protesters'.

            + Intervention (external): 'solution' and stop (escalation) 'conflict' and 'faction' (in water).

            + 'Required' 'the government' (is): Negotiation - meet 'the people' -> stop 'intervention' (population: the decision).

            5 - The 'intervention' ('outside' or 'water' 'participation'):

            + Response: desire 'majority, World - purpose (' on ') (Section 4).

            + Do not 'responsible' build 'new government' (citizens 'decision').

            + The (problem) 'conflict' Left: the 'UN' 'coordination' in every country and region.

            United Nations implement 5 'elements' (above) is:

            - Avoid (condition - in Libya), the protesters 'conflict' (assert basic 'human'). 'Government' apply 'the protesters' armed -> create 'force' rebel: repression.

            - Avoid: the wrong intervention (external) as 'constraints' (factors '4 '- Section 2) and ('4 Factors' section 4).

            - The solution (on the) 'did not happen Civil War' (by 'community' is not 'recognized' and 'isolation'.
            Government (will) meet the 'right people' and (will) 'no fear' 'protests'.

            Human civilization: to know - the unified 'solution' (above) -> is not 'civil war'.


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