Egyptian Chronicles: Mubarak is in Sharm officially "Updated"

Friday, February 11, 2011

Mubarak is in Sharm officially "Updated"

And according to State TV Mubarak is officially at Sharm El-Sheikh , this is confirmed by AP and various sources as reported earlier .
While we are waiting for Communique no.3 from the army , we find the Egyptian TV saying that there will be a statement released soon by Egyptian presidency !!
Now we are waiting for two statements !!
Fathi Sorror , the speaker of the parliament is saying now we
There are protests in Alexandria , Suez, Asuit, Bani Sawif, Cairo , Mahalla, Mansoura, Tanta, Damnhur, Damietta, Sohag, Port Said and Ismailia.
The protesters managed to encircled the ERTU building.
More to come insh Allah.
Update : 

  • The army spokesperson has entered the ERTU building and according to protesters he told them the army will announce an important communique "No.3" , that will fulfill all the protesters' demands !!!!!! 
  • The tanks at the Presidential palace turn their barrels away from the crowd at Heliopolis.  
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  1. Your doing a great job of updating on the protest. I will continue to follow your bog and twitter even after you guys triumph over Mubarak.

    My heart beats with Yours!

  3. Alfa Mambrouk Z. am soo happy for all Egyptians. and so will not forget the martyrs who sacrifices their life for freedom and also their families. hope the new Egyptian Government will compensate the martyrs and injured families and released all demonstrators caught during this 18 days!!! Alfa Mambrouk again.


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