Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Our Representative Wael Ghonim

We know Wael Ghonim as Google’s head of marketing in MENA , we know him as internet activist  and we know that he has been missing since Friday. The last two tweets he sent were on Friday 28, 2011
The last tweets of Ghonim 

We knew that he was arrested from Mona El-Shazly but we did not have a clue except after watching that Sky News report where we see someone looks like Wael Ghonim being selected from the protest and arrested last Friday. Watch from 1:09 carefully after the break.

Egypt Protest Cairo - Sky News from duncan sharp on Vimeo.
The plain clothed officers arresting someone most
Probably Wael 
The plain clothed officers taking someone
probably Wael away 
According to Wael Abbas he is currently in state security HQ at Nasr City.
Some say that Wael Ghonim was arrested because he is believed to be the  first admin of We are all Khaled Said group , the most famous and also mysterious admin of Egypt’s number one political Facebook group.
Wael Ghonim 
The good news Google is in our side now and has launched Speak to tweet service which I tried in the past couple of days
From couple of hours ago a group of youth activists in Tahrir square announced in a statement that they chose Wael Ghonim as their representative in any negotiations with the regime. The regime hinted that it is going to open a dialogue with the youth protesters.  There is a campaign online to release Wael Ghonim in twitter.
Anyhow General Omar Soliman , our VP said that he will not talk with anyone unless the protests are over , already our people in Al Tahrir said their word last Tuesday No Mubarak , No Soliman
Back to Wael , I am so worried on him and yes I choose him among my representatives . I hope that he will be released or freed soon insh Allah.
Update :
  • If you know anything about Wael , please send it on this email :
  • Here is Wael Ghonim FB support page : We are Wael Ghonim 
  • according to our friend Hani in the comments , Wael's friend Habib says that the man in the video is not Wael. 
  • Wael's father has fallen ill , he got angina thanks to the MOI !! 


  1. Thanks for your post!

  2. Thank you for posting this. I hope he is released soon, may God protect him and others.

  3. Z, Habib Haddad said it's not him in the vid. He would know and looking at his pic and the vid, I agree with Habib.

    Having said that, the way they took that guy seemed very sinister because he was just walking not hurting anyone clearly they picked him out specifically.

    Hani Obaid

  4. wael's wife told me she watched this vid 4 times and this man is not wael

    marwan almuraisy

  5. Find Wael Ghonim - Missing in Egypt - Facebook page:

    His friend told me Wael is not the man in the video. Also, the notification he was found was a mistake.

  6. thanks for the comprehensive post

  7. Wael Ghonim's family and friends assured that this is not Wael Ghonim in the video

  8. We want Wael GHONIM back... and also the man in this VIDEO. We want freedom.


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