Wednesday, February 2, 2011

# Feb 2 : A War in Al Tahrir

As expected Mubarak and his regime have been preparing a scheme to attack our great protesters.
There is a civil war currently in Al Tahrir protesters thanks to the NDP thugs and there are currently dead and injured among the peaceful protesters , I want to cry and scream.
We understand the plan now , the police forces were resting during all those days. The NDP businessmen tycoons reportedly like Hassan Ratab and Mohamed Kamal paid money to thugs and to their employees and workers in order to launch these huge
The Egyptian ministers Siyad Mashal and Sameh Fahmi have ordered the workers and employees of the state owned companies and factories to go in to pro-Mubarak protests.
Anas El-Faki has ordered the employees of the ERTU to join the fake pro-Mubarak protests.
Eye witnesses say that the thugs were gathered from the populated areas in to truck for LE 50-100.
Foreign journalists were attacked and harassed , their equipment was smashed. Anderson Cooper was attacked by the thugs of Mubarak in Cairo. The NDP thugs tried to break in to Al Shorouk newspaper HQ  terrorizing its journalists who left their work to protect themselves and their building.
There were horses and camels used against the protesters , some say that these horses and camels came from Al Harm area while others including me  believe that these are the horses and camels of the MOI especially the Hagna borders security is known for camels and whips ,also I saw horses used in the CSF once at Cairo
According to eyewitnesses among the Pro-Mubarak there are members of the police force from the CSF , police agents and state security officers. The protesters at Tahrir managed to arrest thugs who turned to be members of the police force according to their IDs
MOI issued an urgent statement insisting these are not members of the police force and Emaad El-Din Adeeb is insisting that these IDs were stolen.
Questions :
  • Why did the army leave the thugs enter with their weapons like that ??
  • Why did the army leave the thugs attack the protesters like that ?? 
The army has sold us so far or to be correct the commanders of the army have sold us.
Dostor News reports that  Shafik is threatening to resign.
Somebody saves the people in Al Tahrir there are children , women and elderly there !!
The thugs are blocking Kasr Al Nil bridge , people can’t get to Al Tahrir to deliver the medical supplies and aids.
Update : 
  • According to the ministry of health only 402 are injured and one solider was shot down " soldier from which party : Police or army !!?"
  • Not less than 705 injured currently stuck in Al Tahrir square , many of the injuries are in the head or rather in the skull , the people need blood , medical supplies and cars to transfer the injured to hospitals right now. 
  • ANHRI published a very important statement you should share as much as you can. 
  • The pro-Mubarak thugs were nearly going to burn down the Egyptian museum and the old historical building of ministry of foreign affair , that wonderful palace in front of the League of Arab states. 
  • It seems that two Egypt tweeples are currently injured in Al Tahrir square 
  • Here is a video showing police general in a pro-Mubarak protest with the thugs , his thugs 

  • Also here are 60 photos from Reuters , AP and AFP showing the clashes and the crimes of Mubarak's thugs 


  1. You are asking the right questions! Reporters say they asked the few soldiers on their tanks why they did not intervene and they said: "We have no order." The whole world could see live for hrs what happened at Al Tahrir and espec next to the Nat Museum - and so could the gov. Yet they did NOTHING to stop the brutal attacks against the peaceful demonstrators and they did NOTHING to at least supply medical aid to the hundreds that were injured. That clearly is criminal behaviour at it's worst! And it was done with just as much purpose as letting the thugs cross the nile bridge in the first place - even though there was army personnel that should have stopped them because of their weapons.
    This is a black day for Egypt that will never be forgotten. The world has watched in shock and disbelief that the Mubarak Government just let this happen and was clearly at ease with peaceful demonstrators getting attacked, hurt and killed. The night is there and so are the thugs. Yes, there were women and children in the sq. and an eyewitness has just said they cannot get out because they fear for their safety as the exits of the sq. are barred by the attackers. Now more and more shots are ringing out and the army suddenly turns up and demands Al Tahrir to be cleared. They did not demand of the thugs to stop their attacks when they did so for hrs! Whose side are you really on? The buttered side of the bread still buttered after all? What a grim outlook for tomorrow or the day after.
    But one thing Mubarak and the army must know - thanks to live coverage the whole world has watched this - and the world will not forget what it has witnessed!

  2. Egyptians are in general nice and non-confrontational people. That outstanding peaceful protest at Tahrir Square and in so many cities showed that. Everything was done by the book and still the USA and Europe are clinging to Mubarak for the sake of Israel and scared the Brotherhood might turn Egypt int an Islamic State.

    I am afraid that now after that brutal violence our brave protesters will give up and leave Tahrir and will not return on Friday.

    Then we will see them prosecuted one by one and in September Mubarak will bow to the call of his people and run a again for Presidency.

    It just cannot end like that. Hundreds cannot have died in vain.

  3. I am so disappointed at the Egyptians not getting the true picture that they are being manipulated to turn on each other just like the Iraqi's and the Tunisians before them. Egypt is on the verge of continuing to be a client state just like it was before, there will be no democracy, there will be no freedom and the Army is part of the problem. Wake up Egyptians, stop fighting each other.

  4. Israel will be rejoicing today.

  5. What happened to the army? My you are the naive, little one aren't you.

    The army has been purchased and paid for long ago. After the Camp David accords. A chunk of that 1.3 billion in aid that Egypt receives has been used to keep the upper echelons of the egyptian military happy. CNN has even said this, so I'm surprised that you are surprised. If you are expecting the military to side with the people, think again. They have no desire to see a change to the status quo. The generals are financially well taken care of.

    The average soldier is poorly paid and would probably love to join in the protest, but he cannot. He will not.

    The police is just plain horrible. I can't understand a police that turns on the people it is supposed to serve and protect. But then, Egypt is a police state. They also do not want to give up the power they possess on the streets. They run the streets. They run the country to a large degree. The upper levels of the police force are also well compensated. I know one colonel who owns several villas.

    Only God, at this point, can help the Egyptian people. It would be lovely if this could end like the Battle of Badr. Make prayers that it doesn't turn into a civil war as it seems to be headed towards.

    I wonder if Gamal and his family will return from London. Check out this story:

  6. If There is a war, dont forget how it started, we hold the people in our hearts and minds, and stand besides you, live stong, live willing.
    Good luck

  7. Questions about the army?

    Well who do we think gets the 1.3 Billion (or more) US dollar a year aid package from the USA?
    Is it the people of Egypt who gets it?

    Mostly it is the military through buying USA arms but also by pocketing lots of bribes.
    And who pockets these bribes? Is it the corporals or the captains or is it the Moosheers and the Generals and the Defence ministers etc…?

    So the army has interests it has to protect.
    By the “Army” I don’t mean the “little” people, I mean the top Brass. If the top Brass is pocketing say 10% (or more) of this 1.3 Billion US $ a year (that is 130 Million US $ a year or more divided between a few Generals) what do you think they would want to do?

    Rush to change the system or adopt a strategy that will protect their interest?

    We like to think that the army is neutral, doesn’t take sides or has never attacked the people. But the reality is that the blessed army is only adopting a stance to protect its interests and does not really care at all about the people.
    [ again by the “army” I mean the top Brass, who must all be removed and sent packing with the dictator].

  8. How does the Egyptian Army protect Egypt? well by
    becoming a client army of a client state.


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