Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Egyptian X-Files : That hour !!

On January 28th ,2011 at 5.00 PM the MOI issued an urgent order to all Egyptian police force across the country : Evacuate immediately .

All police officers and soldiers suddenly disappeared from the street technically even the soldiers appointed  at traffic points , banks and embassies were disappeared. I have not seen any solider on a bank branch in Cairo or Giza. The youth are the ones that organized traffic on January 29th throughout Cairo !!

At 6.00 PM the curfew was imposed in greater Cairo “Cairo, Giza, Qaliubiya” , Alexandria and Suez. The army began to be seen then.

There was a one hour gap between the two actions and in this one hour thugs and looters started to attack private and public properties. Logic says that this evacuation or withdrawal of police should take place at 6.00 PM  when the curfew was imposed and the army took its place !!

Why did the MOI issue this order ??

Why did the MOI issue this order at 5.00 PM and not at 6.PM !!?

Where did the Egyptian police force go ??

Who let those thugs out ?? Who gave them weapons ??

Who let the thieves out from prisons !!? Do you know what is the prison system in Egypt ?? How can several major prisons in Egypt fell under the mercy of criminals at the same time !?

Who killed General Mohamed Batran , the head of Fayoum prisons !!? I feel that who killed General Batran was someone from his own house as a result of his refusal to let the prisoners out !!?

No police station in Cairo was destroyed on Friday Jan28 according to my knowledge , the police stations were torched and destroyed in Alexandria and Suez.

The Egyptian police’s first duty , only duty is to protect the Egyptian citizens not to crack down protesters or to secure the regime.

This is treason !! Habib Al-Adly should be prosecuted in front of military tribunal for what happened on the 28th January 2011 aside from all the crimes he committed against the Egyptian people.

There are rumors that MOI gave orders to its men to release the thugs and thieves in detention in order to defame the current revolution “it is a revolution by all measures” internationally and to create fear and terror among the Egyptian people in order to restore its control on the country.  I believe these rumors seriously because the Mubarak regime is dying and is trying to survive using its old methods. The regime wants to label the revolution as thieves uprising like what happened in 1977.

Creating fear and chaos will make people get busy in protecting their houses, families and properties and forget protesting against Mubarak.

According to a source working in MOI : Habib Al-Adly and his aides are not in the ministry , they escaped !! I could not know to where but his disappearance is so provoking. The last hours of Habib Adly’s ministry before January 29th , 2011 will be another Egyptian X-File , a unique one for the 21st century. “Update : It turned out he was at the 6th of October security directorate”

The fact that Mubarak did not apologize or spoke respectfully about those who were killed by the fires of the MOI forces !! The fact that he spoke about the thugs and looters without blaming the MOI makes wonder if the old man knew about the MOI’s plan and approved it.

Mustafa Bakery claims that what happened last Friday was a scenario prepared by Ezz and Al-Adly in case of Gamal Mubarak’s candidacy , so it is Ezz, Al-Adly and Mubarak Junior scheme !!

This is not rumor but from trusted sources young men in Maadi arrested some looters and thugs whom turned to be Police undercover agents ordered by the police to create terror.


  1. Zeinobia, welcome back -

    Here is what is said to be the Interior Minsters order:

  2. Ashraf Zaki, the chairman of Egyptian actors union, said on AlJazera that Mubarak should be treated with dignity as he leaves office like king Farouk!
    Actually I have a lot more respect for king Farouk who chose to abdicate the throne to avoid bloodshed.
    Please boycott all actors and singers who support the murderer Hosni Mubarak.

  3. The head of the criminal gang wants to die in Egypt, and with dignity. I expect he will get only the first part of his wish.

  4. الحمد لله انك رجعتي بالسلامة

  5. The more I read this, I think the army, the police, the government (if you can still call them that) really don't know what to do. They don't know how to respond. It's so inconsistent and illogical. Unless they are just trying out different tactics, and finding none are working, i can't understand what they are trying to achieve.

  6. What facilitated the Invasion of Iraq was the very well established notion that to beat the Arabs quick, you have to turn them against each other. This facilitated the invasion of Iraq with Shia turning against Sunni a war that started many centuries ago skillfully developing to politically translate into Pro saddam against Iraq's freedom then an armed struggle between the factions. We also witnessed this in Tunisia Pro Ben Ali against Pro Democracy, in Egypt Pro Mubarrak against Pro Democracy, Lebanese chritian against Lebanese Muslim, Fatah against Hamas etc... The easiest way to conquer Arabs is to exploit their most visible and historicaly reliable weakness, divide them along religious, ethnic, social or political grounds, then make it possible for them to fight each other hence doing the work for you. This notion became clear and useful immediately following the death of the Prophet Mohammad god be with him then continued for centuries sometimes through the rulers and generals and other times through invading forces. The scenes in Egypt yesterday were a testimony that the strategy of dividing the Arbs is an easy to use useful tool. Use skillfully against them denying them their freedom, and unless the Egyptians become clear about this weakness right now, then Egypt will fall pray to a future civil struggle within Egypt could develop into an Iraq and Lebanon style in the future. I guess now, Egyptians can no longer trust their neighbours and if this is true then the division of Egypt has already started as it did and went all the way by dividing the Sudan to north and south. I think the process of socially and politically braking Egypt has already taken place, first through pointing the finger at Islamic extreemism, then some fictitious struggle between Muslims and Christians in Egypt and now ordinary Egyptian against ordinary Egyptians on political grounds just because the President who brought Egypt to its knees over the past decade or two, delivered an emotionally charged speech. Forget Mubarrak's words and think about Egypt's future, Wake up Egyptians, you are about to lose your great country, you are going to self destruct, so have a thorough investigation into who caused the violence? and beware, if the investigation is carried out by the ruling elite, then it will surely be a white wash. Find the culprit, prosecute them and make them accountable either President, Minister or General so such tactics would not be used in the future. And please refrain from rude arguments, thank you. Long live, Freedom, Democracy and Justice to Egypt. Am I optimistic?
    Well if history is my guide then NO....


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