Thursday, February 3, 2011

#Feb 3 : The Al Tahrir Battle 2

Here are the latest updates in Al Tahrir battle 2 , it is the second battle our protesters are facing against the regime  after last Tuesday January 25.
First of all the death toll officially increased to 4 and the injured now are not less than 1500
Second of all it seems that Safwat El-Sherif will the scapegoat of the current Tahrir massacre. More and more people are speaking on TV on air blaming Safwat El-Sherif
Currently our youth have controlled the square but the thugs are still there and according to writer Balal Fadl there is fear that more thugs will come in to the square more and more.
The Al Tahrir square looks like a war zone tonight. The story is always developing , I will not sleep tonight.
Here are early photos showing the field hospital currently at Al Tahrir square 
There is about 10,000 protesters currently in the square
The morale of the protesters are high despite the injuries , check the photos of Mohamed El-Garhey uploaded by his mobile phones. 
Victory "By Mohamed El-Garhey"
More photos from the clashes taken today by our dear Sarah Carr.
  • Things have turned from bad to ugly in the past half hour , the pro-Mubarak thugs have returned back , some say that they are occupying the October bridge , others say they are taking shelter at the NDP building while many are speculating that they are occupying houses' rooftops. Now all people agree that live ammunition is being used and two anti-Mubarak protesters were shot down and killed while many are being injured currently. Many injured are in bad critical condition in Al Tahrir. 
  • At this moment the protesters regained control over Al Tahrir square and also October bridge "there is a car reportedly on fire" 
  • The hospital in Tahrir needs doctors ASAP. 
  • I am kind of sleepy but I hear Al Jazeera speaking about someone who was shot by mistake by the army. "This is so bad" 
  • There is currently gunfire heard at Talaat Herb square
  • Women and Children are currently hiding at Omar Makkram 
  • There is currently heave gunfire you can hear on CNN right now at 5:06 AM 
  • Balal Fadl describes what is happening as a massacre  
  • Now there are lots of rumors I must discuss here : 
1// The army has not blocked or confiscated any medical supplies delivered to the anti Mubarak regime. 
2// No doctor has been killed by thugs inside the field hospital , it is rumor
  • 10:31 AM I woke up now to find the death toll increased officially to 5 while now we got not less than 800 injured "yesterday we are speaking about  not less than 1000" 
  • More anti-Mubarak protesters are currently heading to the square to support the protesters who are staying there. 
  • Here is a map from NY Times showing the Al Tahrir square. 
  • The internet is so slow 
  • 11:20 AM Prime minister Ahmed Shafik seemed to be apologized indirectly . 
  • Here is a thug arrested yesterday from Alexandria speaking about the big sum of money he promised to get 


  1. the thugs attacked the field hospital in Tahrir square and killed 2 volunteer physician. La Illah ellah alah.

  2. Army is confiscating food and medicine from volunteer citizens destined to the youth in Tahrir square.
    The army is openly helping and supporting Mubarak's thugs.

  3. Sudanese Optimist2/03/2011 04:32:00 AM

    This is absolute madness!!!

    When will it stop?!

    Do the people who are behind the pro-Mubarak protests know the 'damage' they are causing?!?!

    What point do they think they are trying to make?!

    Enough is enough!

  4. I want to cry

  5. People of Egypt, show the world your courage! Cast down the dictator and his vicious dogs.

  6. MSNBC's coverage of what is happening there tonight. Here is a link

  7. The Ministry of Health confirms five killed and 836 injured - and those are just the confirmed! This is a war waged against peaceful demonstrators, a real war allowed to happen by the regime. It is inexcusable and those responsible will have to answer in court for this. The people will make it possible. They are enormously courageous. One can but applaud them for their ongoing determination and strength!

  8. Dear egyption people I wish for your victory and reaching democracy in your country.
    please do not let this islamic people take control of even the smallest part of your country.
    there is nothing good in an islamic government. watch Iran and take your lessons.

  9. When the Pro Democracy / Pro Mubarrak battle started in the early afternoon of the 2nd February, it was clear that the Pro Mubarrak side was well thought out (Military Style), yet the pro Democracy camp was not. What I expected was that the Pro Democracy camp would rally to increase the number of protestors dramatically and immediately throughout the rest of the night and crush the Pro Mubarraks, so where were the millions who demonstrated the day before? did they go home to their work and families? leaving their brothers to fight against overwhelming odds with no so called Army protection? The problem with this revolution is that it does not have a strong educated and charismatic leader (not a military guy). You cannot run a revolution without a clear direction that gels the coalition, broadcast the struggle aim on a minute by minute basis,you need a visible, robust, fearless and well disciplined leadership, a Gandy or Mandella or Lech Walesa figure to lead and inspire the movement.

  10. I respect your courage and your perseverance.
    I'd like one day to say the same about italian people.

    I hope you can resist, and finally win.


  11. What was planned by Mubark attack and detailed in this video clip is not a political blunder. It mounts to crime against humanity. Accountability never dies.

  12. Egypt is now trapped, if Mubarrak continues in power then the Pro Democracy clan will continue the struggle and instability will follow, if Mubarrak goes, then the Pro Mubarrak clan who showed themselves to be thugs, will use violence and instablity will also follow, this sounds like Egypt is witnessing its own slow simmering into perpetual instability probably turning the whole Middle East on its head. There is no escape.

  13. I have a suggestion to commemorate our martyrs in our new revolution.I suggest to build a monument with their names on it in the middle of the square.

  14. Who would benefit from the pipeline explosion, well 1st, the current regime will benefit. 2nd the tone of the international community will change. 3rd, the emphasis will shift from simply a pro-democracy to Middle Eastern stability issue. 4th the finger will be pointed towards Extreemists/Anarchists etc.. away from the movement and compromises will follow by compromising the demands of the pro-democrates and consuming their energies for the benefit of the region. The pro-democracy demonstrators need to innovate peacefully and politically in making sure the current regime takes them seriously,they cannot just stay in the square for ever, they need to resist violence or anarchy, they need a charismatic democratic articulate young leader they can trust, who can talk to them and the world and motivate and assure the world that he or she will make sure Egypt will contribute to the improvement of the Egyptian condition and help maintaining peace and stability in the Middle East. He or she will need to assure the world that Egypt will contribute to the promotion of economic activity either regionally or internationally, He or she will also need to assure the Military that ties with the US are a good thing for Egypt economically and Militarilly yet that the independance of Egypt takes precedence.Without the US Egypt will lose billions of economic and Military aid otherwise they cannot afford due to poverty in the country. My view is that the new Egyptian government needs to have intelligent Women presence either as leaders or Cabinet Members setting an important precedent, and young fresh members able to speak their minds without fear in a realistic, moderate and self controlled manner. Thank you. I am just a person who likes peace, science, innovation,prosperity and democracy for all.


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