Thursday, February 3, 2011

Breaking News : Ezz and Adly barred from travel

Ok this is so unexpected the general prosecutor  has issued a travel ban for several prominent personalities including former ministers. The most prominent names in that list of personalities are :

  • Ahmed Ezz : NDP leader and steel tycoon.
  • Zohair Garana : Former minister of tourism
  • Ahmed Al Maghraby : Former minister of housing , one of the heads of Mansour Maghraby clan
  • Habib Al Adly  : Former minister of interior.

He also ordered their bank accounts in Egypt to be frozen. We do not want their bank accounts in Egypt to be frozen but rather we want their bank accounts abroad. We are speaking about billions of dollars in the first three names only. Mubarak is trying to absorb the public anger from Habib Al Adly despite the fact he has not apologized or expressed his sorrow for those who were killed by Al Adly’s forces.

Ezz is currently believed in Gouna while his wives have left the country and Al Maghraby has got a Saudi nationality as far as I know.

Where is Safwat Al Sherif ?? Where are Alaa and Gamal Mubarak !!?

Mubarak is slaughtering his men one by one , he is sacrificing them one after one to calm down the public’s anger.

I will try to get the rest of the names.

Do not be deceived by Mubarak , several activists are being arrested currently. There are still lots and lots of corrupted businessmen who need to be totally nationalized.


  1. Alaa Gamal, their wives and their mommy have fled the country. Remember these 2 did not serve in the military, so basically they are cowards. Daddy's boys freaked at the first sign of trouble.

    This isn't an Algerian soccer mob afterall. Its Egyptians saying they don't want them.

    This reminds me of the story of the Israelites when they tried to escape Egypt with Moses. Mubarak is like Pharoah and the modern day Egyptians are like the Israelites, only there is no promised land.

  2. Gamal Mubarak and his wife have been seen at their 8.5 million townhouse located in the six-floor Georgian mansion a stone’s throw from Harrods in Knightsbridge, West London.

  3. Why is Mubarrak resiting? Well he is not, he knows he has to go, he knows he cannot go until he is told to go, so he is playing according to the script given to him by the Army and their paymasters. If he goes now then a power vacum may be created and the brotherhood or unforseen resistance could spin the revolution out of control, so he needs to do it as part of a balancing act thus making sure that whoever is going to take over will do so with the approval of the Army and their paymasters and securing a non Islamic non militant non nationalist nasserite like Egypt. Why? because this whole thing is about the Middle East particularly Syria and Iran and their Nationalism/Islamism which is unacceptable to the US and the EU in the Middle East. Syria might with a little luck, push and tuck follow on the Tunisian/Egyptian democratic revolutionary model and if that takes place Islamic Iran will be Isolated in the Area with its Islamic regime, its all down to economics and International politics after that. All depends therefore on the fact that Mubarrak should prevent a power loss which probably will take place if he resigns now, so its a balancing act, but in any circumstance, Mubarrak will do what he is told, he did so for decades, he is not about to stop now, he needs to think of his old age, you cannot take it with you, so he is fed up that he cannot be given the clear to go immediately.


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