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Sunday, February 13, 2011

A Real Egyptian

I think now all of us must admit that King Farouk of Egypt was and is a true Egyptian regardless of his great ancestors’ nationality.
One single Egyptian drop of blood is more precious than all thrones of the world , the immediate departure is better than spelling the Egyptian blood to keep my throne.
King Farouk of Egypt
The last true King of Egypt
23rd of July 1952
May Allah bless your soul king Farouk.
Mubarak stepped downed by the cold murder of hundreds of Egyptians on the hands of his police force, he let Egyptians kill other Egyptians in order to stay !!
Farouk had the opportunity to fight and even crash the coup of the Free officers so easily but he refused because he knew it would be for a very heavy cost , because he knew that he failed in his responsibilities as the king of Egypt and wanted the best for the country.
I will say it with all confidence : King Farouk was more Egyptian than Hosni Mubarak and his family.
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  1. God bless the souls of the late King Farouk and his family. Indeed a true Egyptian who loves his people and country. mubarak was an Egyptian before he became the President but after that he loves only himself, his own family and money!

  2. I said the same first time I saw clashes but many didn't agree with me. Some of them claimed that he wasn't even Egyptian, which is sad to hear.
    I'm glad that you have the same point of view :)

  3. I just wrote that on my FB status last Friday :)))))))))))

  4. Mubarak proved to be a heel because he did not have the courage to announce his resignation in person to the Egyptian people.
    I bet he sleeps each night hugging the throne he took with him.

  5. There is a hadeeth of the Prophet (pbuh) that says that after me will be Caliphs, then Princes, then Kings, then Tyrants (jababerah).... After King Farouk we started the time of the tyrants, the same is true across all Muslim countries where a king was deposed (Turkey, Iraq, Syria, Libya, Yemen). Hopefully we are approaching the End of the Tyrants...!!

  6. what comes after tyrants? junta?

  7. Sheikh Hasan Al-Banna was shot in 1949. An Egyptian killed without the knowledge of King Farouk?

    In NEW EGYPT...after Mubarak gone...there will be no more new modern Pharaoh.

    NEW EGYPT is just, free, transparent and anti-corruption state.

  8. In the era of King Farouk there was real democracy and national pride and occoruption wasn't as bad as the eras that followed , sheikh Hassan el bena was murdered bc Nokrashy pasha and others were killed by the Muslim brotherhood he formed,the direct accomplicity of the King was never proved , May God Bless King Farouk and his family , I wish we would stop disfiguring this man's reputation and try to give some financial help to his son who leaves poorly in Europe while the children of Abdel Nasser and el Sadat and Mubarak live happily ever after with their millions

  9. @Anonymous 6:07pm: what a strange thing to say! Gamal Abdelnasser died with LE 4000 in the bank and very little property. His eldest child, Hoda, was 24 at the time, and she and her siblings lived like regular citizens, not millionaires.

    Hoda and his sons have succeeded because they are smart, received an excellent education and worked hard -- they are all respected in their field, despite the hostile environment created by the Sadat regime.

    Even Mona, who married Ashraf Marwan, did not become rich because of her connection with Gamal Abdelnasser, but because of her husband's connection with Sadat and Gulf Arab royalty and perhaps British intelligence.

    In any case, with 40% of Egyptians living on less than $2 per day, I can think of many more worthwhile causes for Egyptians than supporting King Farouk's son in Europe!!! Besides, I believe he and his wife already got a LOT of support from the French government, for many years living in a palatial apartment at French taxpayers' expense.

    You need to get your values (and your facts) straight.

  10. @last Anon, bravo for your comment. it seems people still think bad about the Late King Farouk though so many documentaries on AlJazeera English and Arabic and interviews make with the late princess and the last survivor of King Farouk's son and so many friends from Pasha family that are still living proof to show the Egyptian people how bad was Nasser Regime. Each one of the revolutionaries of coup 1952 took palaces for themselves and until now we still dont know where the treasured went and where they wasted the money from the late King Farouk. During King Farouk time 1 Egyptian pound equal to $4.50 and 1 gold pound equal to 98 piaster. we just found out on AlJazeera Arabic that mubarak took El Arouba palace by force from the late King Farouk family and he claimed it for himself! We heard the other day X-PM Shafiq was telling lies on TV that the late King Farouk left Egypt with debts! My sister-in-law mother was living in the era of the Late King Farouk and she told me 10 eggs was worth 1 piaster and she really loves those era and Alhamdullilah she managed still to live until mubarak regime to see what happen to Egypt that used to be rich and well respected around the world. God bless the Late King Farouk soul and his family. Truly Egyptians and love his country.


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