Egyptian Chronicles: Breaking News : Army Council Communiqué No.5

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Breaking News : Army Council Communiqué No.5

The army council has released its 5th communiqué today and it is very very important with no doubt , it is so important for real. Here are the new decisions of the army council :

  1. Freezing the current constitution.
  2. Dissolving the parliament “both chambers”
  3. The army will rule the country for a transitional period of 6 months. “We are speaking in August 2011”
  4. Forming a committee to amend some constitution articles “ I am confused with the first decision”
  5. Ahmed Shafik’s cabinet will continue in its job till having a new cabinet ‘when !?’
  6. Mohamed Hussein Tantawy , the minister of defense who heads the council represents outside and inside the country. ‘Like our president now’
  7. Egypt respects its international treaties again so Israel calm down.

The public reaction is very very positive concerning this communiqué despite we need to analysis it thoroughly.

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  1. Regarding point 4, it doesn't conflict with point 1 since they said "freezing" not "canceling" . it means that the constitution is not active currently till it is modified by a committee

  2. Positives:
    Dissolving the rigged Parliament.
    The army is transitional for 6 month or until elections r held for parliament and president.

    Nothing about the detainees.
    Nothing about Emergency laws.
    Shafik ya ragel still in office and no timetable is set for this caretaker gov. or who elects/appoints the new gov.
    Only amends to the tailored constitution and no talk of a complete rewrite.

    overall, disappointing!

  3. Item No. 6, namely having Tantawy acting as de-facto president is not good. With my full respect and appreciation for the military, the revolution can't sign a blank check and wait for the goodies. There must be one or two civilians, collaborating in top level with military council, to represent the people aspiration.

  4. @ #1 & #2, ok fine but they need to bring now High Supreme Court Judges, Professor of Law to put a new Constitution and not somebody that belongs to the regime. As soon as the constitution finish, immediately to have the election for the Parliament and the Shura Council under the nternational monitor and judges on each ballots. Then election for the President. The current goverment regime that is running the show should have a former decent Minister like Gahzouri or Ahmed Goweil that could monitor their work until the process of the transition take place. For some reason I dont trust Ahmed Shafiq current government. something is fishy about it. Political and demonstrator Prisoners need to be released immediately and until now no news about it.

  5. Tracking the events of the last weeks via your fantastic blog and Al Jazeera's live stream reports I support the new army council in the decisions to implement a 6 month transition period. This span of time will hopefully be long enough that people can find and designate their representatives and are able to consolidate their political opinions in such a way that democratic elections really enable the country to deal with the future efficently.

  6. We need to make sure that any democratic reform dont put at risk our country integrity.
    I dont know how or if this can be part of any new or amended constitution butit is vital that our population in Nuba, Sinai become more integrated in Egypt and no referundum is allowed there.

    On the German TV channel "tagesschau" of today it is clearly stated that the military council is in charge for the transition to a civil government.
    In addition it is very positively remarked that the female protesters contributed to the peaceful political change essentialy ("... did not play a supporting role ...").

  8. "...decent Minister...that could monitor their work".
    Exactly !
    The current government is obliged to report as transparent as possible on what is going on in the next months.
    Several decent observers will provide first hand information if installed. Who takes action?

  9. I wish they have dismissed the cabinet and if they like Dr. Shafik, they would asked him to form a new cabinet, they would helped him to build the new cabinet on the new context and environment and remove some of the offending faces like Abu ElGhait and Shehab

    I understand the sensitivity around showing the cabinet sworn in front of Tantawi in the current environment but this will happen sooner or later, the current cabinet almost impossible to survive the whole year.

  10. @Anonymous 2/13/2011 04:12:00 PM "it means that the constitution is not active currently till it is modified by a committee"

    No, I don't think so. (1) and (4) together mean that the current constitution will be amended by the committee, but remains in force until amended.

  11. I think the proposed 1954 constitution which was written by a law icon,Dr Sanhoury,and 49 other famous personalities at that time, should be the backbone for any new constitution. Here is the link for a book titled "a constitution in the trash can" by Salah Issa which includes a copy of that constitution.

  12. -unlikely to release any detainees who are subversive to US interests
    -unlikely to lift emergency law permanently as food prices are expected to rise
    -with capital flight, domestic debt is transformed into foreign debt, putting the country into the stranglehold of foreign creditors
    -the coffers of the Egyptian central bank have been ransacked
    -Mubarak has secured his fortune

  13. The emergency law must be immediately revoked and the army should act faster and set concrete time lines until elections take place.

  14. today Marshal Mohamed Hussein Tantawi met with Minister of Justice Mamdouh Marei and Constitutional Court head Farouk Sultan on Sunday to discuss the legal and constitutional changes! how could he met with the old regime Min. of Justice who is well known for his loyal to Mubarak!!! and furthermore there should be new temporary constitution not make changes using the old ones since this is revolution! and it should have outsider to help with the new constitution like former Supreme Court Judge like Zakariya Abdel Aziz and Professor of Law division in Cairo Uni. and so many others who are trustworthy to see this thru'.

  15. Davd George, U.S.A.2/14/2011 04:52:00 AM

    The bourgeois revolution is over, all that remains for them is to see which talking head puppets are on TV. The only hope is in the workers, and somehow I doubt the pictures of them being killed will not be on TV, unless you re-occupy the seat of your legitimate government in every city.

  16. Tantawi & Suleiman still in power = Disaster




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