Thursday, March 3, 2011

And Ahmed Shafik Resigned and Sharaf is appointed as PM

After a storming TV show we have not seen one before in the Arab world at night , we found out in the morning that Dr. Ahmed Shafik resigned and the AFC accepted it.
The AFC announced that it has appointed Dr. Essam Sharaf as our current prime minister and ordered him to form a new cabinet. This huge news was announced first at the Facebook as MSG. 26.
According to some sources it was not an actual resignation , Shafik knew that he resigned from the Facebook but of course according to the Cabinet's official FB he went to the AFC to resign before heading to the cabinet and announcing it officially. Al Masry Al Youm claims that Shafik told the employees at the cabinet that he could not continue in his position when the people refuse him.
I think Shafik has served as prime ministry for 33 days only , this is the shortest time a prime minister served in the cabinet since the coup of 1952 in Egypt.
Also according to some sources what he said last night played a huge role as Shafik according to what I see he put the blame of having unwanted ministers in his cabinet from the former regime because of the AFC , he put the blame on the army. There was no doubt that Shafik made a lot of people angrier.
People are extremely happy with choosing Essam Sharaf who became a global twitter trend already !!
Global twitter trend
The man is being invited to say the oath at Tahrir square tomorrow and some people close to him say that he is giving a thought and he may actually go. Already it turned out that he went once to Tahrir square during the revolution and demanded Mubarak to step down among a group of university professors.The last thing I heard that he may not go because he is extremely busy in forming the cabinet and will send a statement to the gathering at Tahrir tomorrow insh Allah. The man started to have FB fan pages already.

Essam Sharaf FB pages 
Despite being a NDP member Sharaf is being widely respected as he was sucked off the ministry of transportation in Nazif’s cabinet because of his integrity.  It is enough to say that it turned Mamdouh Ismail was the reason why he was sucked off the ministry thanks to his friend Zakaria Azmi.It turned out that in 2005 one of Ismail's old ferries had accident with some oil tanker at the Suez canal. Sharaf began an
investigation and demanded Ismail to compensate the tanker ,the thing which the marine transportation tycoon could not forget. In the next ministerial reshuffle we find none other than businessman Mohamed Mansour instead of him.
Some people began to speak about other important file that Sharaf tried to open but failed and was the reason why he was kicked from the ministry : The corruption scandals of Soliman Metwally , the former minister of transportation and that file is considered the holy of holies as Metwally was just like Youssef wali.
I also heard that two factors made the AFC chose Sharaf specifically : 
  1.  During the last meeting with the AFC representatives , the coalition of January 25th Youth suggested two names : Essam Sharaf and Dr. Hazem El-Biblawy. 
  2. Sharaf believes in the importance of our relations with the Nile basin countries , he is needed now more than ever. 
He is a real technocrat man , he is extremely professional when it comes to transportation , he is from world renowned experts in transportation and got over 100 research about the development of highways ..etc. He was against the regime's control on the syndication of engineers.
The minister of foreign affairs is said to have resigned , already if I am not mistaken the cabinet of Shafik has collapsed already. Our ambassador to the UN Nabil El-Araby is a strong candidate despite he has not been informed yet officially.
Already despite the fact that Nabil El-Araby's name is on the FM's candidates list yet I think there is a confession between him Nabil El-Araby and Nabil El-Ezaby. Nabil El-Ezaby is a strong candidate for the ministry of interior. Nabil El-Ezaby is currently the governor of Asuit and actually the man has not got a so bright record as he was the chief of Cairo's security directorate in 2005 with all the jazz that happened in that year if you remember it.


  1. Essam Sharaf served shortly in Nazif's cabinet but he wasn't a member of the NDP- as far as I know he was an independent

    Nabil Fahmy(former ambassador to the US) has far better experience and more integrity to hold Foreign affairs. Nabil Alaraby is an idiot(remember his statements to the UN following Jan 25, he doesnt have the courage nor integrity of Libya's UN ambassador

  2. Inshaa Allah khier.

  3. Both Nabils would make formidable foreign ministers!

    But other than the fact that Ambassador El Arabi’s cv reads like that of 5 distinguished careers in one. I have first hand account of the shear diplomatic genius of this individual. He chaired the UN Security Council through key decisions on Bosnia Herzegovina that established a lasting peace. At a time when the council and UN were fractious and erratic, after the unceremonious exit of failed secretary General Butros Gahili, but that's another story.

    He is not worth of only the FM position but the PM as well!

  4. Just for further clarification and the sake of accuracy:

    Ambassador Nabil Elaraby was our FORMER ambassador to the UN until 1999 or 2000....11 years ago. He is NOT our current representative or ambassador in the US or NY now as suggested by the first comment. He returned to Egypt and shortly thereafter served as a judge on the international court of justice for several years, and then returned to practice law Egypt. He currently heads the Egyptian arbitration center and is a a first class lawyer and diplomat. During the revolution he was an advisor to the youth as part of lag nit el hokama.

    The other "Nabil" being mentioned is ambassador Nabil Fahmy, our FORMER ambassador to the US until 2008. He is the son of former FM Ismail Fahmy, and is since retiring two years ago from the foreign ministry he has served as a dean at AUC. Again he is a career diplomat of the highest caliber.

    With so much information being reported, lets make sure what we write and attribute comments to (ie, 'idiot') is correct and respectful.

  5. Essam Sharaf is a Member of NDP, and an Important one too (committee of Politics)
    The Change was to prevent Friday's Demonstrations that was planned. Other Demand became marginalized now !!


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