Tuesday, March 1, 2011

And at last ElBaradei sat down with down with the generals

The armed forces council’s members have at last met with Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei along with prominent personalities  in Egyptian society earlier today. From the army’s side field marshal Tantawy , General Sami Anan and major general Mamdouh Shahin were there while on the other side we have got : Dr. Mohamed ElBaradei, former prime minister Kamal Al-Ganzoury , Dr. Amr Moussa, Dr. Kamal Abu El-Maged, Naguib Sawiris, Judge Serry Siam , Judge Kamal Lamey , Judge Farouk Sultan and journalist Salama Ahmed Salama.

ElBaradei was seated besides Tantawy directly as a recipient of the Nile Sash in a very clever move from the army. ElBaradei spoke about the importance of having Presidential elections before the parliamentary elections in order to have a president because this assures a real constitution. ElBaradei hinted to the dangers of having a parliamentary election in the coming 6 months as the NDP members will run again and win. The right of Egyptians abroad to vote was brought up by Dr. ElBaradei by the way.

Amr Moussa agreed with ElBaradei that we need to have the presidential elections before the parliamentary elections. Sawiris spoke about the campaigns against the businessmen and demanded that investigative reports and accusations against businessmen not to be published to protect our economy !!
Strangely nothing negative was published about Sawiris , I do not know why he is so angry.
From his side Tantawy spoke about the challenges the army is currently facing and promised that the army will not stay in power except for 6 months.
The fact that both Tantawy and Anan are attending this meeting shows you its importance and there is no doubt that Shahin was there to discuss all the legal and constitutional stuff with all those masters of laws and constitution.
As usual the army generals listened and took notes to study their next decisions. To be honest I feel good towards this move. It is not enough that the generals sit with our wonderful revolutionary youth but they have to sit with everybody including politicians like ElBaradei and Amr Moussa.
Earlier this week the army council had a very long meeting with the coalition of January 25 youth. The meeting started at 7 PM and ended at 1 AM !!! The army was represented that time by General Mohsen El-Fangary and General Sami Diad. General Sami Diab is the assistant chief of staff and he seems to be a nice person. Next day the coalition made a press conference about it.

The youth made it clear to the generals that : 

  • They do not want Shafik nor Wagdy. 
  • They want to end the emergency status. 
  • They suggested a presidential council to rule Egypt "made of two judges and miliary" and the army gave a vague answer about it. 
  • They want the state security to be disbanded 
  • The release of the detainees. 

This is what the army council representatives said to the youth according  :
  • PM Shafik will stay for not more than 2 months or even less. 
  • There are lots of plots the army is currently facing in a way we can’t imagine. “Why does not the army share it with us !?”
Back to today’s meeting I hope that this will be a start for a number of meetings with Dr. ElBaradei.
Hopefully this meeting will let us see Dr. ElBaradei again on the Egyptian channels especially the Egyptian TV.


  1. Finally!! it kind of makes u wonder what took them so long to sit down with the only guy with a plan!
    i'm trusting the generals on their alleged "plots" i mean egypt now is veunrable.
    i really want to fully trust the army and stop bothering them but they are too damn slow!!
    but in the end its better late then never. hopefully now they will listen to him.

  2. Great news indeed.
    I think Sawiris is genuinely worried about the economy. We all know how corrupt was the government. It is almost impossible to do business in Egypt without bribing officials left and right. If fighting corruption turned into a witch hunt for every businessmen whoever paid a bribe, those business men will liquidate their assets and flee the country resulting in economic collapse.
    I'm glad the someone voiced this concern. I hope there will be more awareness about that. Good question and a nice blog :)

  3. No the people have the right to know who those crooks businessmen and their crimes since in involved Egypt!!! one business man once told me before when I asked him why he didnt invest in Egypt since he was in the businessmen group convoy to Egypt with the Prime Minister of a country and he told me before his could do business in Egypt he would have to spend 1 Million under table to start with!

    I hope with clean Government Egypt could attract more business to Egypt!

  4. The army brass is eager to pass the headache of governing Egypt to civilians and go back to their business of making money from their industrial empire and living in the comfort of their subsidized houses, clubs and co-op stores.

  5. I'm surprised, that Baradei is afraid about NPD members...He forgot about MB?! This is real risk for Eg.

  6. I'm pretty sure that he voiced his concerns about the Brotherhod and the NDP (according to El Shrouk)

  7. I just love this open discussion forum. I hope that everyone will accept that this is the way it is going to be from now on. Transparency and accountability are the two key concepts.


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