Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Now it is “Our revolution”

I remember very well how Dr. Ahmed Shafik used to describe the revolution of January 25th as a movement , I remember it and I remember how I respect the fact that he has been just appointed by his longtime friend and teacher Hosni Mubarak and he was standing beside him. Seriously I understand how he considered as a move and how he thought it would be ended.
But the thing that I do not understand it is how he claims now that it is “our revolution
No general it is not your revolution , it is our revolution to get rid from Mubarak’s regime and this includes you.

This is the welcoming inaugurating video of the New Facebook’s official page of the Egyptian cabinet.The cabinet thinks that it will solve our problems by opening an official page in the Facebook !!
The cabinet has also opened an official YouTube channel as well. I do not like the logo the cabinet is using , it refers to the revolution of January
25th in a tacky way. I do not want a cabinet’s logo about the revolution , I want a cabinet that represents me and my people , I want a cabinet that truly serves the people’s best interest regardless of the logo it has.
By the way General Shafik Egypt Air is chosen as the 9th worst airline worldwide !!
The people are going again next Friday to Al Tahrir square afternoon to say it loud and clear : People want Shafik to step down !!


  1. Very pathetic attempt to remain in power same as his teacher Mubarak did.
    incidents clearly state that he was either part of the whole regime plans againest the ppl in his time as a PM or was helpless during that time. in both cases in my view he should not be a PM during this transition period.
    I hope the revolution representatives does come with a candidate to stop the loop from occuring again by the possible selection of another icon of the old regime as a PM !
    next friday is the day I hope.

    we must get out of this loop and focus the efforts on building our country and face all the national security issues currently challenging our country.
    the streets needs to be more stable and the only way this would happen is by fast and clear actions reg. these old regime icons and paving a clear way forwad for the new democratic egypt

  2. Shafiq is getting comfy on that chair and hard for him to leave! he knows once he is down, he too will be subjected to investigation just like others! he's there also to protect other old regime including his teacher!

    I used to fly short distance with egypt air going to Sharm El Sheikh, Luxor and Aswan back in 2003 but never international flight. Told by so many it was terrible. so take a chance and took one going home to Egypt and it was a nightmare. the flight was terrible and old. the flight attendant is acting they are the passengers. orange juice finish half way service and no more orange juice!!! they didnt off the light and ppl were talking so loud on your face when u try to sleep! the toilets were so dirty coz the flight attendant dont give a damn to clean it! the were even fight on this flight between the Head of Flight Attendant and a couple with children coz the children were running around!!! that is the first and last Egypt Air i took! nowadays I only flight home with Swiss Air or Austrian Airlines!

  3. Corrupted sleazy politicians always gamble on people short term memory. It works many times, especially since Egyptians are kind and forgiving. Yet, justice and punishment should be served to maximum extent possible. These criminals victimized a country and must pay a price for that.

    If not, you may be surprised one day with Jamal Mubark claiming he was born in Tahrir square!

  4. Hi Zeinobia, you will see more and more of this sort of pretense. I wrote about it in El Naschie suddenly a fan of Egyptian revolution. The funniest reversal was that on May 27, 2010 he called for Hosni Mubarak to get the Nobel Peace Prize; but then on February 18, 2011 he said "the Egyptian people deserve the Nobel Peace Prize on account of their revolution". LOL. He thought we wouldn't notice!

  5. Please watch this video and please help!!!

  6. Zeinobia if you can recognize the fraud going on, then others do too, fraud is the modus operandi of "retail politics" in the west. If Egyptians bring building materials the next time they occupy Tahrir Square, and set up a seat of government, and start to solve your problems right there, and do not leave, your legitimate government is there. Otherwise, Oprah will be using your square for some soothing performance fraud.

  7. i disagree ..."Egyptians" did not vote him out .
    I was there in Tahrir on Tuesday when only 2000 poeple participated ...wake up ..Egyptians are every where ...and Egypt is larger than el tahrir sqaure ...the rev. did its part , now let the poeple decide for themselves ..and enough with intellectuals' jargons.


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