Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Is this Al Ahram ?

I still find it hard to find the front page of Al Ahram or its online with headlines like that
Al ahram frontpage 28/2/2011
Secret bank accounts for the Mubaraks in Egyptian
The Mubaraks banned from Travel
I think many Egyptians agree with me , it is hard to believe that this is Al Ahram official newspaper !!
The Mubaraks allegedly have got secret bank accounts in the Egyptian banks. Suzanne Mubarak has got about $ 147 million alone in her bank accounts. Alaa Mubarak has got LE 100 million in his bank accounts just like Gamal Mubarak !! There are allegations that the former president delegated to his wife the right to use the bank accounts of Bibliotheca Alexandria !!
The Mubaraks have denied the allegations breaking their silence since Mubarak’s stepping down decision in a very interesting move. The family has sent a statement to the media denying the allegations claiming that Suzanne Mubarak returned back the bank account of Bibliotheca Alexandria as soon as Mubarak stepped down.  The family claimed that Alaa and Gamal Mubarak’s banks accounts are less than what was announced.
There are strong rumors that Mubarak is currently in Tabuk , Saudi Arabia where he is undergoing chemotherapy that was confirmed by Amr Adib and Al Jazeera !! Strangely the armed forces council has denied all that rumor and that other rumor about the Mubarak’s attempt to flee the country as well. The armed forces council has also denied the rumor that Mubarak was transferred to the international medical center at Sharm El-Sheikh.
Allegedly Alaa Mubarak wants to come back to Cairo along with his wife and his son so Omar , his son would continue his school.

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