Thursday, March 3, 2011

The general has left the ERTU building

Ok this is extremely busy day , I have noticed that since the start of the revolution every Thursday is full of news.
General Tarek Al- Mahdy has resigned from his position as temporary chairman for the Egyptian TV and radio union.
Dr. Sami El-Sherif , the professor of radio at the faculty of mass communication , Cairo university has been appointed as the chairman for the Egyptian TV and radio union “ERTU”. Dr. El-Sherif will have minister’s powers according to what was announced to the media.
According to what is available El-Sherif is very respected honest man according to his students at the faculty.
General Al-Mahdy has resigned after less than a month in ERTU and I think this shows you the kind of challenge he faced. Choosing El-Sherif shows that the army council started to think in the right by choosing the experts over the the trusted. I hope that Dr. Samy will solve the big problems in ERTU.


  1. It's great How they did two right appointments today.

  2. The news sector in ERTU is pointless and should be completely dissolved and built from scratch including those stupid talking heads or they can transfer news to their comedy and films channels

  3. I hope there will be reformed at the TV and Radio station. I hope there will be more decent and respectful tv dramas and program on tv. I hope they will give chance to tv presenters who are wearing hijab to be a tv presenters which was banned during the mubarak regime. They need to get rid those are corrupted and replace them with decent people. They should also revised the salary of the staff so that everybody is happy working with the tv station. Try to bring more ads to bring money to the tv station. I miss Mr. Mahmoud Saad, he is a good man and tv presenter.


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