Thursday, March 24, 2011

Libyan Revolution : Al Saeed Children hospital attack ¨Graphic¨

On March 18th Qaddafi unsurprisingly committed another war crime against his own people , his forces shelled the whole city. Among the places they shelled was a children hospital in Misurata.I do not know how many were killed or injured but the videos are extremely scary aside from the fact that they are extremely graphic

The video below is at a neo-natal facility and there is blood.You can hear the shelling sound very clearly

I do not want to imagine even the dead bodies there.
There is another terrible video showing a 7 years old kid killed by the attack on Misurata , it is extremely terrible and graphic to the level I can't post it here.  Here is also another video show a surgery for a baby who was injured in the attack , extremely graphic. 
Misurata needs medical help , they need doctors and medication. Here is a video from March 22nd from the remaining hospital there where doctors ask for help.There are Egyptians among the injured as it seems , there is one injured from Egypt I have seen him in the video. There are thousands of families being trapped in Misurata already and other hot zones in the country.

Most of these patients need operations , the doctors are only keeping the people alive. What you see already is at the hospital's corridors. Could not the coalition forces send medical aids through the air !!? The video shows a huge effort.
This YouTube channel from Libya includes shocking videos from Misurata hospital. 
Now I wonder one thing : Is there any man at Bab Al Aziziya complex with a conscious who can end this human tragedy once and for all with a gun or dagger !!? Seriously Qaddafi deserves this end and even worse for what he has be doing in the Libyan people. Of course after the assassination attempt he survived "While his son Khamis did not according to several sources" and the fact he is paranoid enough according to experts , it can be difficult. Qaddafi as a sick dictator got a trust issue which made him depend mostly on mercenaries. It was announced that there were two failed coup attempts that made him deliberately weaken the Libyan army making it as we see it now. Already in 2003 his son Al Mu'tasim-Billah tried to lead a coup and against him , he was sent to an exile in Cairo for couple of years than the bad sheep returned back to his daddy to play an important in restoring the relations with the West.
What is happening in Libya is not good now , it is dangerous and I will dare to say it happened because of all that time given to Qaddafi and his troops. Lots of people in the world especially in the Arab world do not approve on the military operations against the Qaddafi regime , it is so Iraq deja vu especially with all the oil Libya has got.
The league of Arab States secretary general said that the Arab countries did not want military operations that would end in killing civilians when they adopted the No fly zone.
There is a lot of wonder why the Egyptian army does not do anything about what is happening , why it did not join the air strikes and military operations just like Qatar and UAE and the only answer we got was as follow : We got 1 million Egyptian in Libya still have to be repatriated , many of them are in Tripoli and it is no secret that the Egyptians are being already attacked and got killed. The army is concerned on the safety of Egyptians there and believes our expats in Libya can face a huge danger if Egypt officially joins the military operation against Qaddafi.
With my all respect to our army's concern but Egyptians are being killed either ways there. Every day I hear horror stories of Egyptians being killed there.
According to the ministry of foreign affairs on March 12th only 172,830 Egyptians have returned back home.
Tunisia has frozen the assets of the Qaddafis in the country , why can't we do the same as well ? I know that the Qaddafi got assets in Egypt. Please do not tell we should be scared on our people in Libya because this is not a  military operation and either ways the man can't stomach Egyptians.


  1. Video of kids in Misrata blown literally to pieces, 2 families on seperate days. Many other videos not made it out from Misrata dn other cities and towns. I know the family in second vid, called Abu Fnas they lost 4 siblings in one go.



  2. The first of Anonymous's links was taken down from YouTube for being shocking or disgusting.

    Here is the second, fixed, titled and enabled.

    Massacre in Misurata today 22 March


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