Saturday, March 26, 2011

The People Want to..Purify the media

Egyptian citizens protested yesterday in front of the ERTU building demanding the purification of Egyptian media from all the regime’s orphans. It was not a big protest but it is significant because it shows that we have not forgotten these orphans and what they have done in Egypt for the past 30 years.
The people want to purify
the media 
The official mainstream media is still in deep need to a revolution to liberate it from the Mubarak’s regime control. The Egyptian TV needs to be liberated from the Mubarak’s and NDP’s management , there is no hope in a new free media as long as Abdel Latif El- Manawy is in his place as a the director of News sector !!
Many are now wondering what El- Manawy did to the army that he is still in his place till now. Omar Afifi even wondered what that strange relation between El-Manawy and major general Ismail Etman was !!
Abdel Latif El-Manawy is said to do a huge favor for the army in the last 48 hours for the army that saved the country ,I will not guess but knowing his position in the national TV in this time , I will dare to say that it seemed Gamal Mubarak’s team led by Anas El-Fiky had some plan to air some dangerous statement that make things ugly and El-Manawy saved the day by telling the army. I hinted to that before.
Of course El-Manawy did not do this for the love of the country or the media but to save himself and declare his loyalty to the new sheriff in town aka the army.
El-Manawy is not the only one whom we want him out of our media , the list is still long whether in the Egyptian TV or in the national press. The national press is still infested by the corrupted NDP journalists. Just look to Al Ahram and its provoking headlines , a counter revolution manifesto in front of our eyes. Already you only have to read Al Ahram and Al Messa’s coverage about ElBaradei , to understand that we still have this Mubarak’s orphans roaming happy in press.
The Mubarak media is playing a dangerous game with the public and also with the AFC , it is turning them in to another idol that should be above criticism and accountability.
We need more public support to our demand to make it clear to the AFC.
The revolution is in danger as long as those old regime orphans are still in the media.


  1. do u think that there is a plan to elongate the time of revolution so the egyptian people hate the revolution and call for mubarak's regime again

  2. Hat tip to you, Zeinobia. I have blogged the story with attribution to you. Uh Oh. Egyptian media shakeout stalled.

  3. Bulgarian article in my blog :)

    Always with Egyptians!

  4. Hello again, Z. Do you recognize any of these people? My readers are figuring out who those twenty people are on the poster. We have identified all but five so far.


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