Saturday, March 26, 2011

The Hunt of the Mubaraks’ Wealth : Even Suez Canal’s revenues !!

Dr. Abdel Khalak Farouk is back again with dangerous accusation to Mubarak and Zakaria Azami. He is accusing both men of taking money from Suez canal’s revenues !! Oh yes Mubarak is accused of money from one of our main national sources of income !!
Dr. Farouk told Original Dostor that every year part of the revenues went to some sort of black box no one knew or knows its bank account except Zakaria Azami and former President Mubarak !! Already according to the law the president can found black boxes and secret accounts. “What is this law ? I want to know what this law is so we can completely erase it”
If you think that this is outrageous , well wait for more.

The economic expert at Al Ahram political and strategic studies revealed that every year there are LE 2 billion allocated in our budget to the development and expansion of Suez canal despite the Egyptians do not see any improvement works every year in Suez Canal !!? It is a vague and board term I am afraid.
Dr. Farouk reported both matters to the general prosecutor with reports and files demanding an investigation.
Dr. Abdel Khalak Farouk is from the honest men in Egypt who stood and exposed the financial corruption during the Mubarak era , especially the privatization scandals.
Now this wonderful diagram by Engi El-Haddad shows you the trail of the Mubaraks’ fund based on the information we know.
The Mubaraks money trail

You can see the diagram on two parts here.
And Forbes doubts the numbers of guardian !!?
By the way anti-corruption groups asked the authorities of UAE to take action over the possible transfer assets of Mubarak and Ben Ali.
Al Masry Al Youm published a very interesting report that the Mubaraks got new codes in the stock exchange on February 28th , 2011 based on documents the newspaper got !! It was on the same day the general prosecutor froze their assets .
Here is a copy from the list sent from EU to freeze the Mubaraks' assets. 

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  1. Hey, Great Blog! I was under the impression that the Suez canal income was kept separate from the whole country's income?? could you verify or disprove this?


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