Sunday, March 13, 2011

Regarding Japan’s quake

Just like millions of people around the world , I am glued to the TV watching Japan’s earthquake and tsunami. I do not leave the channels CNN, BBC World and Euronews , the Arabic news channels cover it but of course their main focus is Libya while the Egyptian channels are busy with our own issue. May be the fact that it is first catastrophic event of its kind to be filmed and reported through the social media before the mainstream media.
The tsunami from satellite "Getty images" 
This clip from Japan already was featured  in almost all news channels around the globe.
Family leaving house to the street during the quake.
Based from the video and other videos show that the quake was considerable longer than usual , at least this is what I noticed. The video blow is from Tokyo.

Tokyo during the quake
This video below is from the airport of the city of Sendani , already you saw how the airport was completely devstated and how people were on the roof , well this video was taken from the lower floors , the second floor and you can see the ground view while the tsunami was washing away cars outside in a scary scene.
Outside Sendani’s airport
I am so concerned with the Nuclear plants’ meltdown , already we found this Japanese blog’s admin says that the nuclear plants’ damages are extremely terrible and the media is discrete about that there. Of course as middle eastern blogger , I know how the MSM covers up disasters and this makes me wonder about what is really taking place there. Reuters has been already reporting bad alarming news about the nuclear plants there.
Here is a photo gallery showing photos from the aftermath for the last 48 hours.

I think this natural disaster or rather two natural disasters to be accurate shows how small and fragile humans are regardless of how advanced they are in this big universe . If you believe in God , you will know what I mean and if you are an atheist , you will know what I mean too.
My heart and prayer to the people of Japan , this is a huge challenge in front of them still one thing we know about them , they know how to come from troubles stronger than before.
You can Japan through this page in Huffington Post. I wish the Egyptian army send some rescue team there , the Japanese have helped us a lot in the 1992 earthquake if  you remember it.
P.S Did the ministry of foreign affairs in Egypt check on our community in Japan ?

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  1. Thanks for this Z.
    My son lives in Tokyo and thank God he is fine. We are so lucky. He lives on the other side. I have been worried sick, but spoke to him a few times since the earthquake. He was telling me that all citizens were asked to go to the nearest school in their community every morning, to find out about the next steps, to help the elderly etc etc.. very well organized.


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