Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stop Exploiting The Revolution !!

Seriously I began to hate this exploitation of revolution and I am not speaking about the commercial exploitation from the street vendors at Tahrir square who found a golden mine in selling shirts and flag . I am speaking that cheap exploitation currently in the media for people who were actually against the revolution and the revolutionaries from a month ago !!!!

I can’t take it anymore from these crappy songs praising the revolution from singers like Mohamed Fouad whom if I am not mistaken threatened to kill himself if Mubarak stepped down !!! It is not about the meaning and the feeling, you feel it in the song that it is not sincere , it is fake , it is hypocrite.

The difference between these songs and the songs of Halim in the 1960s and 1950s that Halim , those great lyricists and composers really believed in the 1952 revolution and its goals really believed in unlike those singers like Mohamed Fouad !!

This revolution has no poet , neither Hisham El-Gakhah nor Abdel Rahman Youssef is the poet of the revolution despite Abdel Rahman is a well known activist who had a role in it but not as a poet.  Yes Hisham El-Gakhah made a wonderful poem about the revolution for that contest TV show but I remember that he used to talk with Hana’a and Siyad in the infamous 48 show in the early days of revolution whipping !! By the way the last two verses of his poem about Al Tahrir square shivers me technically still El-Gakhah is not the poet of the revolution.

We do not want cheesy films so soon about the revolution starring hypocrite actors who used to praise Mubarak day and night, we do not want films about the revolution after three months.

This revolution is more than songs and cheesy films noon because the revolution is not over , we are still in the early steps from political view and from historical view.


  1. I agree 100 % with you. How a singer like him can be so hypocrite ?

  2. I agree with this post one hundred percent, Zeinobia. Of course you know my favorite example: Mohamed El Naschie. Before the revolution he wrote a Rosa Al-Youssef column demanding the Nobel Peace Prize for Hosni Mubarak. After the revolution he completely forgot about that, and decided the Egyptian people deserve the Nobel Peace Prize for their revolution against Mubarak. See El Naschie suddenly a fan of Egyptian revolution.

  3. The revolution already has an excellent song called sawt el horreya (voice of freedom):

  4. Dear Zeinobia,

    We have to continue filling in the "Shame list" and spread it all over, not only Egypt but the whole Arab and Western World. And please whoever is going to come up with the expected answer, this is not a "Hate List" but rather a "Truth List".
    Actors & Actresses, Singers, Football Players and company, and of course "Media Primadonnas" including the Mona Al Shazly, Amr Adib and the Adib brothers, Lamis Al Hadidi, Moaataz AlDemerdash, the 2 puppets of 48Hrs. the Sayed from Al Ahram and the Hanaa who was very proud to be an NDP, the Advertising Gurus such as Tarek Noor, Safwat Al Sherif's son, Gamal Marawan and his likes, etc, etc... the list is quite lengthy and should include them all.
    People have to declare them the "Opium" used by the filthy Regime to keep them drugged and occupied with stupidity rather than awake and ready to ask for their rights and their honor.
    Again, it is not a "hate list" it is a "truth list."
    May Allah Bless you and all our young fighters.

  5. Aren't you exploiting your blog and the revolution to make money with Google Ads ;-)


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