Thursday, April 7, 2011

El-Shatby hospital updates

There are updates taking place at El-Shatby hospital dear friends , great updates considering the fact that this case was exposed by the social media first from 24 hours ago only. Of course the breakthrough was when Yousri Fouda showed the photos on air on ON TV last night.

Today morning two army officers from the North zone went to the hospital to see how the army can help in the fastest way, they spoke with the doctors and officials and promised to act quickly. The problems as far as I understand are summarized in the following :
  • There are not enough incubators and neonatal intensive care units.
  • There are not enough nurses to serve all those babies.
As far as I know the hospital does not accept money donations but accept medical appliances.Also there are medical students  and nurses who are currently helping the nurses in shifts. Still the Facebook campaign will announce in couple of days how we can help the hospital through donations in order to buy appliances.
There is online petition to the armed forces council and the cabinet to save the hospital , already the council began to act as I hinted even before the cabinet. Also there is a Facebook group collection LE 1 as a donation to help the hospital. The Egyptian medical syndication at Alexandria will also send a group of doctors to see how they can help.For the record all this took place and most mainstream media has not covered the matter as it should.

Tonight Yousri Fouda will dedicate a segment in his show on air to discuss the matter again from 11 PM to 11.30 PM Cairo local time on ON TV. You can watch the show live here.
El-Shatby hospital witnessed before tragedies at the neonatal unit before including one that took place last February. It is very popular hospital in Alexandria that serves a huge population in the coastal city. It survived the evil plans of Suzanne Mubarak , the saint patron of childhood in Egypt who wanted to demolish the hospital because it looks ugly besides Bibliotheca Alexandria !!
Why I feel great about this , well because in less 24 hours people began to act not waiting for the ministry. People even started to brainstorm how we can help the public sector hospitals. I have a suggestion that we make a FB page with lists of public hospitals and medical units in the governorates that need help so we can act quickly instead of sitting like that. One thing I love in Tahrir square experience is how people began to help each other in a great way and I hope we continue to have this wonderful spirit as this how we are going to build our country.
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  1. This is just amazing. El7amdulellah. Thanks so much for the update.

  2. How to help? explains to people the program planning family.A not the fruit like rabbits! give birth to a bunch of children, and then seek to blame that have nothing to feed them! "Turn on your brain!"


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